[Looking4] Straight silver wire

I am making a run of a couple a hundred earrings and I am looking
for silver wire that is straight. Not coiled or bent. I cut 3 inch
pieces and straighting hundreds of individual ear wires is not fun
and very time consuming.

I have seen reference to straight wire that comes in measured
lengths, just can’t remember where to get it. Any suggestions.

Tim J
LaTouche Goldsmiths

Hoover and Strong.


You might try Rio Grande. They will sometimes custom order things
they do not stock. I believe their buyers know every vendor on the


Try United Refining, Alden, NY. 1-800-999FINE. I have been a
customer of theirs for 20/25 years and find their service to be
outstanding. They have a metallurgist that has helped me out on
numerous occasions. I have no affiliation with them, just a very
satisfied customer. Ted-I have about 2000 jewelry molds for sale if
anyone is interested.


The best way I know to get any length of perfectly straight wire,
especially in a thin gauge like you are using for earrings, is to
pull it. Make sure your wire is coiled into a tight bundle, and
anneal carefully. Then, after pickling, put one end of the wire in a
vise (securely mounted on a workbench) and the other end in a
vise-grip pliers. Lock the pliers tightly onto the wire, lean back,
and pull the wire until you feel a “stretch” in the wire. You’ll
have a perfectly straight length of wire, from the end of the pliers
to the vise jaws. It’s important the wire is annealed well, of

Jay Whaley

If you put a length of wire, say a few feet or so, in a sturdy vise,
put a gentle bend into it to give it some slack, then give the other
end a sharp yank with a pair of draw tongs the whole thing should
straighten up pretty quick.

I know it’s not a supplier of straight wire, but it beats
straightening individual earrings by hand while you’re waiting for

Willis Hance


I believe you can order straight sterling wire from Hoover & Strong.

Steve Brixner

Stuller has straight wire.

Joel Schwalb

Hi Tim,

How are you straightening the wire?

I take a 3 inch piece of dead soft, or even semi-hard, place it
between two steel blocks, roll one block over the other using the
wire as a roller, an d bingo, its straight.

Takes about 10 seconds per piece.

Love and God Bless

You can also straighten any wire by twisting it. No pulling is
necessary, just put one end in a drill chuck, hold the other end
(visegrip or some such) have it relative straight and start to twist
with the drill. This will also harden it. I have straightened
literally 100’s of miles of wire this way.

John Dach