[Looking4] Laser training


This is my first time on so I hope I am doing this right. I am
looking for training on a laser welder. I have a laser and work on
it daily. I would like to learn better methods and have some
questuions answered

Any suggestions?
Thanks Irene

Hi Irene

I’m not sure if any of the schools offer training but many of the
companies who sell lasers will either have you come to their facility
or sometimes they will send someone to you.

I know Stuller has classes in Louisiana, not sure if you have to BUY
their laser or not.

David Geller

When we were thinking of purchasing a laser, we were able to spend
the day at Laser Star facility in Providence, learning to use their
machines, and seeing what they could do, and later I took classes
that they offer there, which were an definite asset. Much beyond that
has been trial and error, hands on experimentation.

The best laser training I know of is with Steve Satow

Brad Simon

Much beyond that has been trial and error, hands on

I agree. When I first started using a laser (somebody else’s
machine) they had a chart of parameters to use for different types of
stuff. I had the hardest time with it. Now that I have my own
machine(studio size) I drive it like a car in snow…start in low
gear and light throttle. You can see pretty quick what’s working.
When it starts PFFTing you gotta back off. If you weld a seam and
then add filler wire you usually have to step up the parameters.

My feeling is that ideal parameters are more related to material and
mass (AT the point of the weld, not the entire piece) than perhaps
the type of finding or whatever. Generally having the time a larger
number than the power is a good starting point.

DO watch out for reflections, they’ll either burn your finger or a

Hi Irene,

A couple suggestions for Laser Welding techniques.

  1. Rio Grande was at the last SNAG conference showing us their laser
    welder and they had a lot of info on how it works. You might give
    them a call and see if they have a DVD you can purchase.

  2. The other place I learn a lot from is eBench. It is a pay site, I
    know, but there as some very good videos out there, and he has an
    entire series on laser welding gold. Here is that link:

I have learned a lot from watching many of these videos. I don’t
have a welder, so have not yet seen much of that series, but you may
find some valuable there.

I do wish I could get one of those, congratulations on your new toy!
(TOOLS=TOYS for me! LOL)


Hello All:

LaserStar is the only manufacturer of laser welders who will train
all laser welder owners. We teach the core principles of laser
welding so it does not matter which machine you own. It is a 2 full
day course in LaserStar’s Learning Center in Orlando, Fl or Los
Angeles, CA and includes a 100+ page manual of laser welding and
training wire kit. Classes are held all year long and space is
limited to 3 people only. All machines have a camera in them that is
connected to a large screen monitor do all can see what is going on.

Irene, Its unfortunate that you did not buy a LaserStar because we
very competitively priced and we do feel training is imperative when
buying a laser welder. It too big of an investment to just guess how
to use. Please contact our main office at 401-438-1500 and inquire
on the training dates available.

Best Regards

Andre Friedmann
LaserStar Technologies