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[Looking4] Cabbing Machine & Flat Lap

I am interested in adding some lapidary skills to my jewelry making
and wondered if anyone has a reasonably priced, working, used 6 or 8
inch 6 wheel cabbing machine and a flat lap. If you are interested in
selling and are in the Continental US please contact me off-line to
let me know what you have, with pictures if possible. I would also
want to know what condition it is in, if you still have paperwork,
etc., and the price you are asking.

Thank You

I can not recommend to highly that if at all possible to try and
find a club near you. For the life of me I can not understand why
this resource is so often discounted. To find one-

In any event the chances are, given a little patience, you will get
the best deal possible on a used machine there, if one shakes loose.
Besides there is a wealth of experience others are willing and able
to share; (most clubs have some members who are professional or
ex-professional also). You may be surprised, and I can not say all,
but I have found exposure to material I had no idea even existed
(then), it was there I first learned of variquoise, a number of years
back. As in, do you want to cut a piece of this? I will not state
that a class/shop will be open to you, although this is near
universal or at the hours you can attend, but in my opinion it would
be foolish not to look into it, at least.

At any rate, you should also post (again the best chance may be the
club’s newsletter) at the following.

This last, although a faceting list may be worth a shot, I have seen
this type equipment for sale, and occasionally there is a lapidary

I was surprised that you are asking for both a cabbing unit and flat
lap at the same time, you can cab with a flat lap, on softer
material, and especially opal, some use only that.

About a week back, or so, I posted a resource list, on it was a
section for the do it yourselfer. There are also plans to build your
own flat lap, and for that matter a cabbing unit. See the following,
this is from, literally a legend in the field, some of his works were
mandatory reading for years by the GIA-

Check out the Hi-Tech All-You-Need Diamond Lapidary Machine. I
bought one about 5 years ago and it’s still going strong after 5
years of almost daily use. It’s reasonably priced for lapidary
equipment. No I’m not interested in selling mine. :slight_smile:

Kingsly North has them:

Or you can buy them off of ebay where I bought mine.

Usual disclaimer: Just a happy customer not a paid endorser (but if
anyone wants to give me free stuff I can be bought… :wink: )

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Rocky Mountain Wonders
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Thank you so much for the great info. I receive the digest and
usually read only the subjects I am interested in, and, I was out of
town last week which is where I learned that I might like to try out
creating my own cabs in unique shapes. As you can see by my request
for 2 machines I don’t know ANYTHING! I don’t want to be a pro, just
able to create unique things.

I really appreciate the regarding how to find my local
clubs too. I will use that.

I am already part of the lapidary group on Yahoo, although I admit
to deleting more than I read. That will change.

I have already checked out the educational items and plan to
purchase a few.

Thanks again for everything and wish me luck!

Check out the Hi-Tech All-You-Need Diamond Lapidary Machine. I
bought one about 5 years ago and it's still going strong after 5
years of almost daily use. It's reasonably priced for lapidary
equipment. No I'm not interested in selling mine. :) 

Thank you Rick. This looks like a perfect machine for me. Doesn’t
take up much space, just right for a beginner like me!

Wish me luck!

You might also want to look at the Ameritech flat lap machines. I
bought a 6" recently and am delighted with it.

Stacy Hosler

Hi Lynn and Rick

I belong to the mutual admiration society! I too have a 6" All You
Need, have been using it constantly for about 25 years. I think I
bought it at a show from an outfit in Tucson. I do all my channel
inlay pieces on it, and all the grinding and polishing of the channel
bracelets, etc. Wonderful machine. I also have and 8" that is used in
my classes - that way two people can use it at the same time. Another
flat lap you might check out is the Ameritool. Great machine - easier
to clean and uses all the same discs as the All you Need. Happy
customer of both and not connected. These companies do have little
trim saws and they are wonderful…have one from each company.

Rose Marie

Lynn and Rick,

You might also want to consider a Graves Cabmate machine. While it
is not a flat lap…it is a highly versatile machine that would
allow you to do flat lap work (though in a verticle position),
cabbing and sawing all in one configuration. If interested, take a
look at Click on lapidary machines. Oh…the
price is very good as well.

Yes, I have worked at and occasionally still help out at Graves Co.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple elegance
IS fine jewelry!