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[Looking4] 18 gauge fine silver strips

Having a bit of a time finding .999 silver strips in 18 gauge and 1/4
in height.

Just looking for some help locating it.

Rio does not have and have checked a few other sites with no luck


Check with or call 1-800-882-8750 I just bought
some tubing from them and they are very reasonable.


Call a refiner like David H. Fell, Inc. They will make you anything
you need.

Marianne Hunter


Have you got access to a rolling mill? If so, your custom 18 ga.
Bezel strip is only a few minutes away. Fine silver is so incredibly
soft, and fast to form, that you will be surprised how little time it
takes to melt and pour an ingot, square it up on the mill, and roll
it out to the width and thickness you want.

Check out “fast Silver Bezel” on Youtube, and you can watch me
making the same bezel strip in a little over 2 1/2 minutes, start to
finish. Probably faster than the time it will take you to find this
product in a catalog and place the order…

Jay Whaley

H.Schmidt in New Orleasn, I think they market themselves as on ebay can customise anythinhg in fine
silver- they call what you are looking for split strips… try

I have been looking for the same item- 18 gauge fine silver
bezel/strip. I have searched everywhere, including most the vendors
previously suggested in replies to this post. Most vendors do sell
fine silver bezel, but nothing thicker than 24 gauge. (I know that
D.H. Fell will refine most anything, but a custom order like that is
too expensive for me and I would have to buy a large quantity to
justify the cost).

I’m currently making my own fine silver strip by purchasing 18 gauge
fine silver sheet and cutting it with a jeweler’s hand saw and then
filing the cut edge smooth and square. I have tried using metal
snips but 18 gauge is difficult for me to cut with hand snips and the
metal deforms too much. It is faster to saw the sheet by hand and
file it. I need to keep the entire length of strip as flat as
possible and as “square” as possible, so I don’t want to hammer it,
even with a leather mallet. I use it for stone inlay so the strip has
to be smooth, straight and square or there will be noticeable and
unacceptable gaps between the metal strip and the stones. It also
needs to be thick-- at least 1 mm. I want to fuse it with PMC so I
really want fine silver. (Yes, I know I can use “Silver Prep” to
prepare the sterling to be fused with fine silver metal clay, but I
don’t want to do that since I need to use alot of it, and that
process would not be a good use of my time.) I want a product I can
use without having to spend the time making it “kiln ready”. When I
have the budget I plan on buying a bench shear, because I think that
will solve my problem-- and it would be a useful piece of equipment
for me to have. Unfortunately I don’t know anyone that has a bench

I would be interested in knowing if such a product does exist and
where to find it. Or what have others done to make a suitable fine
silver substitute?

Priscilla Walsen
Morrison, CO & Ojo Sarco, NM


Harbor Freight has a shear.

I was fortunate to receive a gift card from Harbor Freight this
Christmas for a shear. Whoopee!

Mary A.