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Looking for Druzies


I have a customer who wants a pink druzy (Cobalto Calcite). I
currently get my druzies from Sunwest Silver out of Albuquerque. The
don’t carry the pink. I can get several other colors but not the
pink. I don’t think the green either (uvoraite). So does anyone know
of a supplier for these??

Thanks in advance.

Lisa Fowler
Fort Collins, CO 80526


Hi Lisa:

Try at or 212-869-6332. They always
have lots of druzy. Not sure if they have your specific color
requirements, but I hope this helps.

Good Luck
Kim Starbard
Cove Beads

#3 often has drusy stones - they have some
pink cobaltocalcite at the moment



Try Crystal Cave, Broward County, Florida. I saw some pink there not
too long ago. Sorry, I don’t have the phone number handy.



Hi Lisa

I have some rough pieces of Cobaltoan Calcite in stock, so if you
can cut it yourself these are available. If interested email me

Karen Bahr
Karen’s Artworx


You might check with Jason Penn Designs. I think he is from Tucson

good luck


We carry a lot of different types of cabochons online.

We have some Cobaltian Calcite (pink) druzy cabochons online. You
can see them at:

Black garnet druzy from Mexico, Dolomite Druzy from Wisconsin:

If you have a tax id, you can get 30% off by joining our wholesale

James Carpenter
Unconventional Lapidarist
Hot Springs, AR 71902


I have pink drusy I bought some time a go.I would be glad to share
at my wholesale cost. Just e-mail me what you are looking for I might
have it! I’ve been lurking for some weeks now and thrilled to have
something to share. I’m called “Audrita” by my friends and I do feel
as though you all are. @Audrey_Worthen


I have three words for you: Ebay, Ebay, Ebay.

Several times I have not been able to find a particular material,
looked high and low in the internet anf found only overpriced
material, then found bunches of it in Ebay for pretty reasonable
prices. I found cobalto calcite, uvarovite, meteorite slices, and
other goodies.

Todd Welti
Living Color Opal and Intarsia


Try the Heart of Stone website. Judy Kiriasis has quite a few very
nice druzies and she is great to work with. Don’t know the exact web
address by heart but I am sure you can google it.



Hello Everybody,

Years ago I bought druzies from Maxam Magnata
( They were very courteous, but I didn’t buy
from them again because people kept asking me how I “glued” all the
little sparkles onto the stone. No-one believed me that they were a
natural phenomenon! They are strict in who they sell to, but they
had beautiful butterscotch and blue chalcedony druzies. It’s worth a

Diane at also has druzies. And I think they
also do custom cutting. I bought some carved druzies from her and
they are beautiful and very sparkly.

Something I did a few years ago, that some folks might view as
sacriligious, is I went to a rock shop that had magnets made from
slabs of ocean jasper. I bought all the magnets that showed druzy.
Any kind of druzy. Slabs that I would have had to pay $10 or more
from a regular dealer were $3.00 each. All I had to do was remove
the magnet and cut the slabs. I still have some of that “rough.” I
got pieces with white druzy, green druzy, black druzy, yellow, all
the colors that ocean jasper comes in. I learned to cut stone on
those slabs, and it’s still my favorite stone to cut. So there’s
another idea for a druzy source.

Only do it, though, if you’re prepared to spend half your life
cutting stone! I’ve since learned that it’s sometimes more cost
effective to buy it from someone else - I only cut now when I need
something specific.

Just my two cents’ worth,


Our druzy is purchased and cut by an American friend of mine living
in South America.

The colors range from bubble gum pinks to smokey carmels. In bulk we
sell for 0.50/ct or thereabouts.

Druzy is very inexpensive and has been a hot seller for months.

Ed Cleveland