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London jewelry attractions


I’ll be in london around the 23rd of july. Does anyone know of some
interesting jewellery/craft workshops/seminars i can attend while
there…or fairs I could participate in. This would be my 1st
trip…and i’m not too keen to do the regular touristy stuff…any
suggestions there would help immensely.

thanx in advance

Pallavi-London has certainly the finest jewelry museum in the world:
The Victorian Albert. I easily spent two days enthralled by its
collection. You’re in for a treat.

Have a safe journey.

thanx Kim! Beth (Wicker) suggested V&A too…defintly have it on my
list since it comes so highly recommended! : )

Would love to meet some jewellery artistes in/around London if its
not too much of a bother


Probably someone has already suggested this, but go to Old Bond
Street…a few blocks of some of stores with some of the most amazing
jewelry in the world. I especially liked the Estate works there.
Fabulous antique and new jewels, a destination for wealthy jewelry
lovers from around the world.

Catherine Galloway

The London Silver Vaults on (under) Chancery Lane are very
entertaining and interesting. They are shops, many floors under the
ground, in an ancient vault. They contain years, decades, and
probably centuries of silver household goods, jewelry, baby rattles,
and other interesting stuff.

Check it out

Claire Ramsey

Calling all UK Orchidians,

In a lovely turn of events, my husband has decided that he’ll be
using a recent small inheritance to fund a trip to the British
Museum, somewhere he’s wanted to go for awhile. Fortunately for me,
I get to go with him. So the last week of September will find us
staying in the Covent Garden area of London. The aforementioned
British Museum is already on the list of places we’re going and I’ve
added the Tate Modern as it has some of my favorite artists in it.
What are some other sights I shouldn’t miss? Both jewelry and
non-jewelry related ideas are welcome, as well as restaurant
recommendations. We’re very fond of eating in the locals’ places when
we travel so off the beaten path or not in the guidebooks restaurants
are appreciated, especially veg friendly ones as I don’t eat meat or
seafood. Thanks in advance. I’m quite excited!


you are in for a treat!!

here are a few of my favourites V&A Museum (my favourite) great collections
including a jewellery gallery recently opened, designed by architect
Eva Jiricna. Also great eating hall for lunch - lovely
salads/vegetarian. Lesley Craze contemporary
jewellery in the city has contemporary
jewellery galleries lower down and fab restaurant overlooking London

  • great for a celebration South Bank Centre, walk along the embankment, listen
    to music There’s a nice bar in Tate Modern, high up, overlooking the
    Thames, millennium bridge and St Paul’s. Walk over the bridge, into
    the city, very quiet at the weekend.

National Portrait gallery

Get yourself an Oyster card which will give you endless cheap

enjoy a picnic in a park (M&S have food shops all over the place)

have fun! I’m looking foward to some restaurant tips too!


By all means check out the jewelry collecion at the Victoria and
Albert museum.

Jerry in Kodiak (not London but been there)

Hello Cheree,

Don’t miss the V&A museum. Search until you find their jewelry
display - just amazing. I didn’t find that display until about an
hour before closing

  • I could have spent at least 2 hours looking and drooling. The crown
    jewels can be seen at the Tower of London. Famous and interesting.

Have a wonderful time in London.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is very nice!

Have fun - Maureen

Find the Hull Grundy jewelry collection in the British Museum. I
like Sir Johnathon Soames Museum which was his house as he left it.


Lucky you - you will have a lovely holiday. Don’t miss the V&A
(Victoria and Albert Museum) which has amazing jewellery galleries,
plus all sorts of fascinating design and craft oriented galleries.
And of course the Tower of London houses the Crown Jewels. If you’ve
time, have a look round Hatton Garden (nearest tubes Chancery Lane
and Faringdon) - it’s the jewellery area, with new and second hand
shops, jewellery supply shops and lots of little plating, casting,
etc. workshops hidden away.

Best wishes
Cathy (from London)

Do not miss going to the London Silver Vaults - They truly are Vaults
and you can see some amazing silver that is hundreds of years old and
new too. The silver is there to be bought, but you can still browse
and ask questions. [And drool]

Laurie Kern
Adventures of an Aspiring Silversmith at

Checked with my sister who lives in London. There was a fabulous
restaurant she took us to. Unfortunately she doesn’t remember the
name, but it is Lebanese, and is in Shepherd’s Market in downtown
London. She also suggests looking up

She says that has the best reviews of London restaurants. Enjoy!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I don’t post much, but couldn’t resist this time - especially as
you’re a fellow veggie!! Firstly one of my fav places to visit in
London has to be the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum - Yes it has jewellery (don’t miss the silver
gallery), but the whole museum is just full of inspirational ideas.
It’s in South Kensington, which is a little out of the way from
Covent Garden, but well worth it. As for eating places, if you are
in Covent Garden you should go to Neil’s Yard. It’s full of little
veggie eateries and interesting shops. One of my personal favourites
is the World Food Cafe -

Most the ones there out-doors type snack places, but if it’s wet,
this one is upstairs in the dry. My all time favourite eating place
in London has to be Govinda’s -

it’s run by the Krishna temple people next door and is completely
veggie and vegan. It’s not open until late, but has the most
wonderful Indian food you’ve ever tasted. Not necessarily hot, but
extremely tasty.

Hope that helps a little. Let me know what you think if you try them


Hi Cheree,

I will be visiting London for a few days next week for the first time
in 10 years and needless to say, I am very excited! For a list of
great craft galleries check out the British Craft Council website
where there is a Craft Directory. Also the Victoria and Albert Museum
has an incredible jewelry collection. You might want to order the
book Craft Galleries Guide for 2010. I noticed it is available on

Cheers, Jeanie


I’m a bit late to this post but as I live in the UK thought I should

You’ve already had loads of good suggestions with the V&A, Crown
Jewels and Hatton Garden.

I’d just like to add…

Electrum Gallery ( They have an
amazing selection of handmade jewellery from UK and worldwide

The Natural History museum ( Their diamond
display in the vault is fantastic. A selection 295 naturally
coloured diamonds that kept me spell bound for ages. The Darwin
centre is well worth a visit too.

The Design museum ( Changing displays but
always interesting.

Hope you have a great time!

Electrum Gallery ( They have an
amazing selection of handmade jewellery from UK and worldwide
artists. The Natural History museum ( Their
diamond display in the vault is fantastic. A selection 295
naturally coloured diamonds that kept me spell bound for ages. The
Darwin centre is well worth a visit too. 

Thanks for these 2 Helen, I’m definitely checking out the diamonds
next week!

I looked at the Electrumgallery site and see they are part of
Contemporary Applied Arts ( I often pop in
there when I’m back in London. They always have some interesting
contemporary jewellery and if you are interested in applied arts as
well its well worth a visit.


Don’t forget two contemporary jewellery galleries, Electrum on South
Molton Street and Lesley Craze at Clerkenwell Green. Plus now there
is Platform in Hatton Garden.

Emma (London)

Thanks everyone for all the fabulous suggestions. Several people
replied offline or via email as well as all the online replies. It
was unanimous that the Victoria and Albert museum should not be
missed so that is now on my list. After looking at the museum’s
website, I’m even more excited to go.

Thanks again.