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Lewton-Brain Launches Ebook Initiative

Brain Press announces an expansion into Ebooks with Charles
Lewton-Brain’s writing. The first established jewelry and
metalsmithing author to embrace the Ebook format, Lewton-Brain says
"The internet dissolves geography, and Ebooks lets someone in
Australia, or Africa, or the United States have immediate access to
to create a book or paper right at their desk." How does
it work? Online access to the PDF paper or book is given when bought,
it is downloaded and printed out on your own printer.

This project introduces new kinds of documents to the jewelry field,
titles not available before. Examples are short papers previously too
small to print, very long papers, and rare subjects that only a
handful of people are interested in. It also permits downloads of
other digital content like the Bench Tricks for Goldsmithing
Powerpoint show. Ebooks permit a large range of prices as well. Some
prices are similar to physical books, others are $4 or $5 for six or
nine page documents, and one, a proposal for a technical goldsmithing
school, representing hundreds of hours of work, is $100 a copy.

Lewton-Brain thinks of Ebooks as’Binder Book’. When three-hole
punched it lies flat for workshop reference, especially useful for
step by step The Ebooks URL is

These Ebook pdfs prepare for the coming new technologies in Ebook
readers and consequent increases in Ebook use.

Brain Press publishes the results of Charles Lewton-Brain’s research,
on metalworking and goldsmithing, workshop safety and jewelry
photography; specialized, professional for metalsmithing
and jewelry making. His commitment "is to make quality information
available for self education and the development of our field."


What a brilliant way to transport Thank you. I will be
there checking it all out later today.



Thank you for telling us about your Ebooks. I already have several of
your publications and they have been a welcome addition to my growing
library on metalsmithing. I was hoping, however, that you would have
your technical notes on “Painting with Gold” available for sale. Will
this be added to your Ebook list in the near future? I was so
disappointed that your workshop in Tucson was cancelled, so I’m
hoping to learn more about this technique.

Many thanks,

What a great idea. Especially for people living overseas: no more
problems with shipping, handling, customs.

Linda Savineau (Belgium)