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Large silver tubing for flutes

hey, all…

Got a customer who makes his own flutes. He is interested in a source
for larger silver tubing for the body as well as the extensions for
the holes, etc. Any suggestions? Think flute sized tubing (1" or
thereabouts, I’m guessing). Also, has anybody made flutes out there
and can offer any suggestions as to assembly, soldering, etc…

-BK in AK

You might try Dominic Annetta at 3300 Princeton Dr., S12 Princeton
Park of Commerce, Albuquerque. Company name is Do Paso. Dominic has
special expertise, but I’m giving this out without asking his

Hi Brent, When I used to have Stern-Leach in Los Angeles make
custom sterling rod for me, the sales person told me they also make
tubing for flutes etc.

Vince, Eugene, OR

Brent, just form the required sized using whatever gage silver sheet
he needs using a ‘swadge block’ to hammer one out, the hardest part
may be in finding a draw plate with holes large enough. Tension
solder along the seam is how I would close it up.

Although as a thought; I don’t know how hand made tubing would
affect sounds as compared to a solid manufactured tube - interested
to know if you ever find out.


For small, large or even giant tubing check out A.T. Wall.

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I have made a draw plate for a guy who makes picalos it is the same
as the wire draw plates you could probably do it in 6 steps or less
I used o1 tool steel and a tapered reamer to make the holes then
polished the holes real well then heat treated it. I mde the plate
out of one 3/4 thick inch plate you can buy the stuff from a company
called enco the piece will cost about 60 bucks or so. You will
probably need a draw bench to pull the metal through because pulling
it by hand will be very difficlut if not impossible I did a couple
on my draw bench for him and then he built one using draw tongs and
a boat winch it works real well I have not heard from the guy in
years so I don’t now how to put you in touch with him I could
probably help you make the draw plate though.

Sincerely Kevin Potter

I order large sterling silver tubing from Stern and Leach. They can
manufacture to probably most any dimensions that you want. But I
think that they have a 5 hundred dwt. minimum order.

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John Wade
Wade Designs

I missed the original post for this. I have a draw plate used for
making musical instrument. Are you looking for a "one-time"
application for this draw plate, or a permanent solution to making
tubing like this? If you only need it temporarily, I could be induced
to let you borrow mine, but I am not willing to part with it. I do
use mine, but could part with it for a week. I also have a set of
barrel-shaped blocks, used to remove dents in instruments, and a set
of flared stakes with a press, used to form the bell mouth. I don’t
use these as often as the draw plate, but I do get an occasional
request for a repair like this. I bought a shop from a guy who
retired, and used to repair musical instruments. A lot of odd stuff
in that lot.

Call me if I can help. Doug

Douglas Zaruba
33 N. Market St.
Frederick, MD 21701
301 695-1107

FWIW: I hear that Stern-Leach is making Argentium Sterling Silver
tubing that at least one flute-maker is enjoying using. I believe
that I was told that the tone is excellent. Cindy

Cynthia Eid