Kraftwerks 2008

Hi All!

Kraftwerks is coming! The Kraftwerks site is finally updated as of
now-Please take a look and se if you can attend Saturday April 5th.
I personally guarantee this event to be as Orchidian/artist friendly
as anything else you can attend. We have cut the cost to a mere $250
to attend!

Daniel Ballard
Kraftwerks Director

As a past participant and presenter at Kraftwerks, I heartily
support Daniel Ballard and his mission of jewelry exploration through
live hands on demos is a blast. There are things you just can’t
experience at a hotel, like soldering platinum, or making a faceted
gem stone (mine sucked, but it was so much fun to do, just needed to
practice), or watching casting of stainless steel (hot, hot, hot), or
watching a really great demo on lapidary carving.

If you are looking for something fun to do during a weekend, attend
Kraftwerks. They have been one of our generous supporters of the
Ganoksin Raffle and I met the winner who traveled from Canada.

Hope to see you there,
karen christians

Hello all!

At the risk of “selling” here-

I just wanted to give that “one month away” warning about
Kraftwerks- Our jewelry manufacturing seminar series in its TENTH

Kraftwerks is a “Flame On” seminar held in a working gold refinery.
You can book inexpensive travel this far ahead. 1610 Fremont Court
Ontario, California, within a mile of the airport.

Saturday April 5th is the day, one day (not two days as previous
years) so you can travel home Sunday. We have a fine lineup -Michael
Good, Chris Ploof, Jeffrey Scovil and Lisa Krikawa.

So, in order as above-Anticlastic raising,-in Michaels brilliant
methods- Chris Ploof-Bench top Mokume (ever wish you could do
something extraordinary on your ordinary set of tools?)-Utterly
breathtaking photography of gems, minerals and of course
jewelry,-and Two tone mastery from Lisa Krikawa. 950 Palladium and
950 Gold! These are all truly advanced skills you take back with you
to your shop. We expect to use the most modern jewelry metal where we

Plus-Live platinum casting. Live gold refining demonstration-See
scrap gold become pure right in front of your eyes. BTW-that’s
recycled “green” gold 100%

In these tough times… invest your time to learn new methods, new
ways to see your work. Just $250 to attend. Or just bring a bit more
than a quarter ounce of 24kt. Think about it- Under six pennyweights
of 24kt gets you in. The breakfast, seminars, lunch, seminars, and a
dinner party are all covered.

Daniel Ballard

wondering if anyone wants to share cab, rental car or lodging
expenses for the kraftwerks 2008 wkend i am a quiet, polite and
respectfull in this sort of situation. please contact off list or
call 614-268-0012

best regards - goo

at the risk of repeating myself am wondering if anyone would like to
share hotel and or cab/ rental car expenses for the upcoming
kraftwerks workshop april 4-6 call or contact offlist thankx - goo

What a well kept secret, and a fabulous event!

Thanks to Daniel and PM West for hosting this unique, one of a kind
“FLAME ON” atmosphere.

From the easy in and out Ontario airport just a few miles from many
hotels and the facility to the fabulously catered and barbecued
dinners and lunches, this was an easy event to attend (even from the
East Coast), and very tasty!

I enjoyed giving my presentation, but found myself completely
enraptured with the other three presenters - Jeff Scovil, an amazing
photographer of mineral specimens and jewelry as well as other
pieces of art who has shot many covers and written books, Lisa
Krikawa, a brilliant and talented goldsmith demonstrated combining
palladium and 950 gold wire in a way that creates intricate designs
with multiple colors, and the famous Michael Good, who kept an
audience captivated and nearly speechless for over two hours
demonstrating his beautiful forms.

The ability to have live demonstrations of techniques, featuring
everything from torches to files, hammers and lasers all in a one day
period was unique and inspiring.

It was great to finally meet Goo and Brian Marshall from Orchid as
well as the many other attendees.

I know I’ll go back!

Thanks PM West and their many sponsors!

Chris Ploof Studio
508.886.6200 EST

thank you daniel and kieth and jose and especially robert for demo
on gold refining.

i cant believe how great it was to have gone to kraftwerks kind of
like family reunion. there was chris with bench top moku me which was
really impressive because of how many failures i created trying to
make the stuff over the years lisa and her buddies from pheonix, jeff
with the photo’s, peter and the laser welder and michel with the
anticlastic swirls and ruffles, the patina’s on his new stuff were
beyond belief and there were tool people like steve frye (sp?) and
the guys from diamond pacific.

i liked all the people so much ive sort of changed my mind about
sharing a few secrets with everybody and now i hope i will get
invited to share something at a future event !!