Kevin Potter Hydraulic Press

Hello Fellow Orchidians.

I just received my new Kevin Potter hydraulic press ( Christmas
present to myself ) and man is it sweet. Not only is it a really
cool design but, it’s compact and very strong. His dies are very high
quality as are his other accessories. This is just a quick note to
say Thank You to Kevin, and to anyone thinking of buying a hydraulic
press do yourself a favor and check out his products (
). Once I get some pieces made up I’ll post some pictures. Happy
Holidays to all and have fun making stuff.

Paul Brackna

Hi Paula

You beat me to the draw. My new Kevin Potter Hydraulic Press arrived
a week ago today. What a set up! It is just right for a girl!!! Or a
mature girl!!! The sample dies are just great, and I am making
drawings of ones I’d like him to make.

Kevin said Otto Frei will be handling the sale of the sturdy press.
Refer to it as: 20 Ton Potter USA.

I also got the Susan Kingsley book separately to review what I
learned years ago.

Thanks Kevin! And Orchid for letting me find out about the Press.

Rose Marie Christison