Just what is fine jewelry

Fine jewelry is determined by inspection. Fine jewelry is defined as
perfection by a trained eye under 10x magnification. That includes
polish and finish and craftsmanship such as that circles are round
and squares are square and centered thiings are on-center. This is
very good point and i would like to see materials listed here as
well at the very least 14kt gold alloy, if its going to be a white
gold alloy it should be palladium white to be considered fine &
platinum maybe palladium . I think mokume- gani should be considered
as well but as far as alternatives like titanium stainless, etc.
should not be considered

And why not include silver? It’s a precious metal, and sterling is a
far more pure alloy of silver than the 14kt alloy is of gold. It’s
the whitest metal available. And it is, OMG, affordable! Is that why
it gets so little respect? And yet jewelers will put CZs in gold, and
customers will buy it and feel superior.

White gold eventually looks like dirty gold…why make a sow’s ear
out of a silk purse anyway? (…ducks the incoming barbs…)

Kelley Dragon