Jump Ringer Flex Shaft Requirement

As a newbie here I’ve been content to reap the benefits of your
considerable experience from a distance; however, I now have a small
issue with which I could use some help. Long ago and far away I
purchased several pieces of equipment through Harbor Freight for a
studio space I had hoped to build. Now that it’s being constructed,
as I type, I’ve been opening boxes, re-evaluating, and adding
additional pieces as I can afford them. One thing on the top of my
long wish list is the Round Jump Ringer System from Rio. I began as
a bead stringer, have taken jewelry making classes, played with wire
and tried many different types and styles of jewelry making; but have
always needed jump rings; and am certain, with the skyrocketing cost
of precious metals, that I can reduce my cost of pieces somewhat by
being able to make my own. My problem lies in that the Jump Ringer
notes that it “must be used” with a Foredom No. 30 handpiece motor
and flexible shaft. Initially I thought this was some marketing ploy
on Rio’s part, but there is a difference in the Foredom and the
Chicago Electric Power Tool Flex Shaft I purchased from Harbor
Freight. The Foredom is a 1/6hp 18,000 rpm motor, whereas the one I
purchased is a 1/4hp 15,000 rpm motor. Do I need to spend another
$180 for the Foredom? Or will my $49 Flex Shaft be sufficient to run
the jump ringer?

I should also mention that I have available to me a Dremel MultiPro
5,000 - 35,000 rpm Model 395… I have never used it (it belongs to
my husband), though someone more knowledgeable than I could probable
adapt it to the jump ringer readily enough.

Comments, suggestions, useful direction??? : )

Many thanks!

I have a Grobet flexshaft (1/10 HP Flexible shaft) with a #30 style
handpiece and have had no problems. Whatch how tightly you screw
down your coil, you don’t want the jump rings to fly out when you’ve
finishing the coil because they are being pressed down, too, hard
and the coil wasn’t the full length. The only thing is that they are
hot and it’s like playing 52 card pick-up, but with jump rings.

K. David Woolley
Diversiform Metal Art & Jewellery
Fredericton, NB


Your questions about the use of a Foredom flex shaft machine for use
with the Jump Ringer is a valid one.

If the $49. Harbor Freight flex shaft has a handpiece that is
exactly 1" in diameter and it also has an adjustable chuck rather
than a collet to hold the blade arbor, you can use it. However, these
Chinese machines have a reputation for being of poor quality and not
lasting very long. The Foredom, on the other hand, will last you a
lifetime given the proper care. Mine is 35 years old and runs like

Your Dremel is a well made machine. It has the necessary speed but
lacks the power. Even if it will fit the Jump Ringer system, you will
burn out its motor if used for cutting many heavy rings. In the long
run, your best bet is a Foredom model SR w/ #30 handpiece and foot

There are several copies of the Jump Ringer on the market. We are
the inventors and have been manufacturing and improving it for 25
years. None of the copies can match its quality, precision and
versatility. The system can later be expanded to produce oval,
square, triangle and diamond shaped rings. It will also produce
finger and toe rings. In addition, if your need for quantities of
jump rings increase in the future, it can be converted into a High
Production Jump Ringer.

The best advice I can give you is to not skimp on tools. Buy the
best you can afford. It pays in the long run.

Ray Grossman

Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for all your helpful
suggestions, links, lists, etc. I now have a manila file
folder full of related stuff; I just have to go through it all!
(Though if there is ANY one out there using Rio’s Jump Ringer with
Harbor Freight’s Flex Shaft, I’d love to hear about it!)


If you want a tool to cut coils into jump rings that is more
Economical than the “jump ringer”, you can purchase a "koil kutter"
for less Than half the price. It works just as well as the jump
ringer. The koil Kutter can be used with either a dremel or foredom.
It may also fit your Harbor freight flex shaft, but i’d check this
with the manufacturer of the Koil kutter. Dave arens. i have no
connection with dave but am a satisfied customer. I teach Chain
making and recommend the koil kutter to my students.

all the best;
howard siegel