Job market for pave stone setting?

Hey folks -

I just got done with my intro to pave stone setting class, and seem
to have some aptitude for it. Given lots of practice I’m sure I could
get myself to a Rolex/Tiffany sort of level if I wanted, it’s just a
matter of do I really want to… But what’s the job market like for
this type of work? My teacher tells me some fabulous numbers if I
were actually to be employed by the fine folks at Rolex, but what’s
the rest of the market for this like? If it’s as potentially
lucrative as he makes it sound it would definitely be worth
concentrating on. It is something that I could just put on my
headphones and lose myself in - always a good sign if way too much
time passes before you even think to look at the clock! Then again,
it is a fiddly frustrating kind of work (I swear they must get paid
by the swear word, not the stone), so it’s worth it to me to know if
I would be spending valuable time trying to perfect a skill that’s
that intensive, or if it’s just as difficult as any other field of
jewelry design or production. Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks for your help!

Liz Sugermeyer

I really think that you would become bored. Same in day and out. I
have to be creative from time to time.

If it pays well and you will be able to become an accomplished
setter in time then move to something else.

Tanks Eric