Jewish New Year- 5779

This is a letter to my many readers of our Faith, I would like to wish everyone a “La Shonah Tova” (translation is) “***Have a Good New Year”***. We have loads of family dinners and Praying at this time of the year. If I seem tardy in my writing this month for my blog, imagine 4 Holydays in only 4 weeks is the main reason! I even stop my setting & writing on those days coming up. I won’t lecture any more about our Laws, as this is a great jewellery forum.

Everyone have a great year!

Hi Gerry,

La Shonah Tova to you too.

Thank you for your blog, it is so interesting.


Orla Levy


I know it’s Shabbos where are! In Toronto it’s only 4:25 pm just want to wish you and your family a La Shonah Tova!

I have still many more essays to write…after the Yom Tov Holydays & Leila Tov (excuse my spelling…:wink:

I’m not Jewish, but שנה טובה!

Blessings to u and your ohana, Tx for your dedication to all of us, aloha, angi in hana

Writing is a 5-6 day process, as each topic must kept to a level where everyone can understand.

What I might be deemed easy could & can be difficult to the majority of the Ganoksin readers! I usually read & edit continually before hitting the “posting” button!

I still have 10 more topics to write!

Aloha to your families!