Jewelry Jokes

A man walks into his jeweler’s shop. He says to the jeweler, “Ralph,
I found this old receipt in my sock drawer for a diamond bracelet I
left with you for a new clasp. Its from three years ago. I can’t
find it anywhere, my wife is gonna kill me, you don’t still have it
do you?”

The jeweler takes the receipt, looks it over quietly, and says,
“It’ll be ready Tuesday”.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A Lady is enquiring about having a ring guard installed. She asked
how much. The jeweler says, “They’re five dollars, Ma’am”.

“FIve Dollars??? That’s an awful lot. Smith Jewelers over on Main
Street only charges me three dollars”.

“Well, why don’t you go there then Ma’am?”, the jeweler shoots back.

“They’re closed right now”, she says.

“Ohhh” he retorts, “Well, we only charge three dollars when we’re
closed too”.