Jewelry attraction: Salvador Dali museum

i am returned from a recent trip to tampa florida while there my
wife and iwent to the Salvadore Dali museum in St. Pete and they
have as part of thier collection some Dali Jewelry.

I was most impressed with the table ware or flatware knives and
forks it seemed to me that it was in keeping with Dali’s sense of
style. The wearable jewelry is keeping me at a reserve to comment
upon except for the fact that there was an extensive use low base 4
prong heads. i am very pleased to have had the opportunity to see
this work up close and would encourage others to see the museum if
they happen to be in the area and like Dali’s paintings as well

best regards goo

We too were at that Dali museum, such a fantastic place to spend 2-3
hours. It was well worth the time spent… in fact a fellow jeweller
here in Toronto made an exact duplicate of Dali’s “Diamond Tear Drop
Eye” even with a watch inside…he sold it for $45,000 CDN.