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Janet Kofoed's studio- current view


My studio is only about 9 feet square. There’s a limited amount of room, and I’ve had to carefully fit everything I need in it. I wish I had room for things like a rolling mill, but there’s no place to put it. One side of the studio has my main bench, a small soldering station, and a polishing station, also very small. The other side has my wax working bench and lots of storage for stones, waxes and tools, and findings. Also a sewing machine and all my sewing stuff. Everything is pretty basic; no high tech tools here. There’s a small deck where I do my photography with natural light. The deck door is also the only source of ventilation, so it stays open a lot. Most of my findings and waxes come from Rio, since they carry a lot of the things I need.



great space! I love your flex goose neck task lights! May I ask where you go them?



Hi Julie
I got some very similar (same?) lights from Ikea.
They were around $10 - $20 in Canada
I use them to light up my display when I do shows
Calgary Canada


I got them at Ikea. They have the best lamps.


Rio Grande and Orchid - Show us your bench, win a Rio gift card

My biggest problem right now is display lighting for shows. I had some nifty Ikea lamps that folded down very small, but they were halogen and they’ve shifted over to all LED. I haven’t found anything comparable, although I’m trying some different ones. Folding small is very important, since all my lights and cords are in a small duffle bag.