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James Miller - Jewelry Gallery


I am a master goldsmith based in Surrey, England. I have been a working goldsmith for 43 years now. I served a six year apprenticeship under a master goldsmith and before setting up my own company “James Miller Design” back in 1985, I worked in London for a company making items for Asprey and Garrard. My work is varied and draws inspiration from flora and fauna using techniques of manufacture that have changed very little over the centuries. I work mainly in 18K gold and silver using hard fired enamels to add colour to my pieces. I mostly work to commission so each piece can be unique to the customer.

Easter egg, 18K gold, diamonds, 10" tall


Humming bird

Humming bird, 18K Gold, rock crystal blooms, 10" tall


Chrsanthemums and Ivy

Chrsanthemums and Ivy 18 K Gold, 12" tall.


Forget Me Not Easter Egg

Forget Me Not Easter Egg,
18K gold, diamonds,
height 10",

This is an easter egg that I made over twenty years ago for Asprey, the egg shells were plique e-jour enamelled, and the oval rock crystal clock that fits inside has an enamelled face.


James miller at his workbench

A photo of James miller at his workbench piercing the Forget Me Not Egg… some 23 years ago


Islamic Frame

Islamic Frame,
Frames made from Rock cCrystal, 18K gold , enamelled and set with diamonds and a ruby,
height 14"


Bowl Table Set for 4.

Bowl Table Set for 4.

table centre bowl sweet bowl array, 18K white gold piercings over enamelled silver with enamelled 18K yellow gold diamond set flowers
height 16"


Ancient Islamic Prayer Set

Ancient Islamic Prayer Set
Oval rock crystal frame cradled by yellow poppies and bull rushes, 18K flowers and frame mounts
height 16"


Orchids, with a plique a jour enamelled butterfly

Orchids, with a plique a jour enamelled butterfly
Rock crystal vase, 18k gold, height 9"
Chrsanthemums and Ivy 18K gold,
height 12"


Award Winning Tutankhamun Mask Paperweight.

Award Winning Tutankhamun Mask Paperweight.
18K gold
all hand chased by the artist with no casting.
6" height


A Mystery clock

A Mystery clock

18K gold and silver set with diamonds, the rushes were set with Champagne coloured diamonds and the front and rear clock glasses were 2.5" diameter citrines.
16" height,


A fruit bowl

A fruit bowl

18K white gold pierced and enameled base, the bowl is set off centre and is surrounded by a spray of 18K gold enameled flowers set with diamonds.
16" diameter




18K gold single rose, with diamonds on the petal edges to appear as morning frost, set in a rock crystal vase with trailing ivy leaves.

10" tall


Pair of fruit bowls

pair of fruit bowls

the bowls are of carved amethyst and the stands are 18K gold piercings over enameled silver, the central piecings on the spheres are set with diamonds.
14" tall




Pot-Pourri bowl

Pot-Pourri bowl

cradled by enameled poppies and ivy leaves, 18K gold and silver,
10" tall


Clematis on rock crystal bowl

recently I was given a beautiful, carved rock crystal bowl by a customer who asked me to decorate it with some gold and enamelled flowers set with diamonds. The bowl was 14 inches wide, oval when viewed from above. I chose to make sprays of clematis flowers in mirror image on both sides of the bowl, appearing to grow from the base.


Corncockle with dragonfly

This is another flower, it is a corncockle wildflower displayed with some heads of corn and a diamond set dragonfly with plique a-jour wings, all set in a rock crystal vase, 18ct gold, 10" tall.


knife with pommel detail

a letter opener, length 9", set with diamonds and a ruby monogram


Pair of Triple bowls

A pair of sweet dishes, each with three bowls, and silver, 8" high.