James Miller - Jewelry Gallery

Pink lily bloom

This is a lily bloom set in a rock crystal vase, 18ct gold, with pink transparent enamelled and diamond set stamens, flower bloom width 5".

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Rosa Canina

This is a Dog Rose “Rosa Canina” it stands 9" tall and is 18ct,gold, hard enamelled and set in a hand blown glass vase.

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Rock crystal bowls

7" diameter rock crystal bowls, 18K gold piercings and flowers, two 18K gold plique a-jour winged butterflies, guilloche enameled silver base and central support, with three conical guilloche enameled vases between each bowl. The bowls are cradled in 18K gold piercings.

16" tall

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An 18ct gold and hard fired enamels decorative piece I made some years ago, a mouse on corn with a plique a-jour enamelled butterfly and poppies.

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And another flower, this one is mounted in a carved rock crystal bottle.

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As always, James, your work is stunning. I can’t imagine how much time is spent on such detailed pieces. Where do these lovely things live - museums?
Judy in Kansas, where storms are gathering and will probably hasten the leaves falling.

Judy, I would love to know where my work ends up, I only know where a few pieces are as most of my work was sold to dealers who then added their marks and sold them on as their own creations.So most of my work will be listed in history as the creations of Asprey, Garrard or Kutchinsky.

Like this apple clock I made.

Truly stunning work James, so grateful you give up your time to participate in these forums.
Looking forward purchasing and using your very clever titanium clamps.

I own and cherish your book. I use it to inspire my students as well as
myself. I have to say the piece with the mouse has always been one of my
very favorites of yours. That and the pink lilly. Sigh. So beautiful.
Do you still make pieces like this?
-Jo Haemer

Hi Jo, I am glad you like my book, the publishers Hale Books have sold the title to another publisher Crowood Press and they say that when the stocks are sold there will be no more printed, so my book is a limited edition now; http://www.crowood.com/details.asp?isbn=9780719801020&t=The-Work-of-a-Master-Goldsmith---A-Unique-Collection

I officially retired 5 years ago and the only similar work I did up to then was helping an old friend and customer of mine, Edward D.Evans to make some 18ct gold and silver table lamps of his design, it was an urgent order as a birthday present for the Sultan of Oman, so I was just part of a team of goldsmiths who worked on these lamps.

Did you get a photo of the lamps?
How are you enjoying retirement? I shall miss seeing your latest creations - your “work” is truly art.

Yes Cameron, this photo shows one of each lamp from the two pairs we made.


James, your work is breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for sending pictures of them. Alma

I am in awe. When Susan and I started this journey to make jewelry I began to see the combination of art and jewelry. You, however, have shown me a that I thought way too small. Perhaps you are a reincarnated jeweler/artist from the Czar of Russia because your pieces definitely deserve that status.

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Amazing work - absolutely gorgeous.

Thanks for the lovely comments folks, I have loved every minute of my career and have been lucky to have been asked to create many unique objects in precious metals.
This was one on my creations, designed by Susan k. McMeekin and made by me 35 years ago, I wonder where this 30cm./ 12 inches tall clock lives now.

Hi James,

I was shocked to hear that dealers can add their marks to a piece!!! But doesn’t your mark stay on it as well? Surely they don’t erase your mark…?!? Horrifying!

Janet, it’s an unfortunate fact that those who can afford to buy such luxuries also want a known name on the piece, yes most of my pieces still have my mark somewhere, but if an article was commissioned from a design, those who commission it want their own marks to be the only ones visible at first sight, and even printed inside the leather bound made to measure cases.
This shows the type of cases that were made for my flowers, I kept this flower for myself.

The book is on sale now!

My book was originally published in 2009, Amazon did stock it then but I am not sure who has stock now, the last few books I purchased were from Crowood Press.