It's your gold ask for it

had gold tooth crown replaced, asked dentist for it
he gave me odd look
told him i was jeweler
was going to melt it into a bad luck charm
got old crown,
high kt gold worth about $50

ps dentist got $1000

At the dentist, having a surgical extraction of a gold crowned molar,
I asked to have the tooth and the dentist wouldn’t give it to me -
said it was contaminated! That was many years ago before the price of
gold went through the ceiling. But to this day I am really very
unhappy about that!

Reminds me of the time when I was teaching at the Adult Ed Program.
Two young dentists came to the class. One of them had a glob of gold
larger than a silver dollar and twice as thick! His goal was to
carve a wax bear that resembled the mascot of the U of Colorado. He
did! We had to cut the small section of gold from the glob. The tiny
cylinder was embembed in a larger cylinder to be able to use the
Centrifugal Caster. Mission accomplished, but I understand how
dentists get a glob of gold by keeping the patient’s crown. Ask!

I have a collection of crowns that people have given me - I guess I
should cash the in!!! Gotta take a look!

Rose Marie Christison

Last year I got my first gold crown. The dentist and I discussed
whether or not it should be porcelain. Considering my dentition (very
sharp, almost corrugated), the dentist recommended gold as being more

After the crown was installed, I told my mom that if I predecease
her, she should have the crown taken out and sent to the refiner -
after all, it’s my gold and I paid for it, she might as well benefit!


Always ask the dentist to give you your own gold crown. They’re not
happy about it. Recently I reminded my husband to ask when he had a
problem, and the dentist sweetly offered to get rid of it for him.
One crown I sent in yielded $60. Not pennies.

I recently helped an older woman with her unwanted gold. Went
through a pile of stuff examining, testing, and sorting. It included
a fair amount of dental gold, complete with rotted teeth. There was
an enormous gold bridge that had been her grandfather’s! Since she is
at least 80, you do the math. So we popped out teeth, cleaned
everything up, and shipped it off to G&S Gold who have no assay fees
over 50dwt and pay 95%. That bridge must have been very high karat,
because her check was about 60% more than my estimate.

I don’t know what the standard gold alloy is for dental work today,
but back then it must have been 22K.