Is vintage jewelry a hot commodity in your market

has anyone in the USA markets noticed an increase of vintage jewelry
as engagement rings coming in your shop for sizings and to have
wedding bands custom made to match i do not really care to work on
the antique stuff because i am concerned about the cadmium solder of
the past that must be all over this old jewelry.

is old jewelry with cadmium solder the jewelry version of lead based
paint in old houses? Most of the stuff i see is worn out and been
worked on so many times its usually ready to fall apart when the
torch is applied because of too much solder the stuff is usually an
accident waiting to happen. does any one else out there think most
vintage jewelry being sold to the public is junk ? -goo


In addition to my custom order work I have been selling and
restoring Antique and Vintage Jewelry for 35 years.

Just like all new jewelry is not quality, all vintage jewelry is not
junk. I have seen many fine pieces over the years.

Yes there is some issues with restoring older jewelry and that is
why not all jewelers want to work with it but that is also why money
can be made when you are willing to do the work. I am not saying to
price gouge a client but you can charge a fair price to work on a
piece when others do not want to touch it.

Anyone that has Antique and Vintage jewelry for sale at a fair price
including Victorian through 1940’s pieces as well as older Native
American or Mexican Silver please contact me.

Greg DeMark

Greg - I have been given the contact info on a lady wanting to sell
some from that age; my understanding is that some is broken. I
haven’t seen it yet; want me to take photos? Anything you might be
interested in?

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

I believe antique jewelry evokes romantic and sentimental feelings in
many consumers. The largest number of trade jobs in my shop currently
are platinum restoration and reset rings and pendants. When the ring
is to far gone to it is converted to a pendant it is divided into
individual elements for combined reconstruction. The store owner, my
customer, is doing very well in this economic downturn. His ability
to purchase competitively allows for very competitive consumer
prices. He has two laser welders in his shop, which are effectively
used for mounted reconstruction. He subcontracts TIG welding of shank
reconstruction and unmounted build up of the mountings in order to
reduce time related labor cost. We have experience occasions were the
laser has been unable to make ductile welds and the TIG welder is use
in these instances. His shop has always focused on this vintage
jewelry and marketing emphasis is focused on evoking emotional
responses. He runs a TV ad during the holiday season that allows the
viewer to imagine a simpler time were a romantic carefree life could
be enjoyed. It is very effective.

I no longer use much solder and I do not have a cadmium concern. When
I was using solder I did have cadmium free solders that worked fine.
I am aware of a heavy metal and cancer relationship, but I do not
know when or how the cancer develops. So far no signs of cancer after
more than thirty years of trade repairs. I do realize that all
individuals are not so lucky and do not take my good fortune for

Kevin Lindsey