Ionic Vs. Ultrasonic cleaners

While I understand the difference between the processes of ionic and
ultrasonic cleaners, and the ability of the ionic to clean opals,
pearls, and other materials not suitable for the ultrasonic, I have
been unable to determine if one of these cleaning systems is more
effective than the other for general shop use. Can an ionic replace
an ultrasonic in a small shop? Is it necessary to have both an ionic
and ultrasonic machine?

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Can an ionic replace an ultrasonic in a small shop? Is it necessary
to have both an ionic and ultrasonic machine? 

You’ll probably get lots of replies to this one, but I’ll put in my
two cents worth. An ultrasonic is good for removing gunk, like
compounds, built up dish soap and lotion in the heads of rings, and
generally dirty stones. An ionic cleaner uses a mild current to
remove tarnish primarily and doesn’t really remove anything else.
Great for badly tarnished chains. Each has their place in a shop.

I am a proponent of ionic cleaners. My studio mate, who crochets
silver wire, made a believer out of me. Her work would oxidize after
a few months and because of the nature of the wire work was
impossible if not dangerous to polish mechanically. The ionic cleaner
was the solution. Just a few seconds in the cleaner and the oxidation
just disappeared. When I took a new job a couple of years ago in a
commercial jewelry store the first thing I did was order an ionic
cleaner for the store. Emeralds, opals, pearls all the usual suspects
were cleaned like never before. Would I replace my trusty ultrasonic
with the ionic, not likely, but I will also never be without an ionic
cleaner again. It is also great for cleaning the tarnished gold in
the cases that are not scratched or dented. It is a lot safer and
more efficient than traditional polishing to remove tarnish. Usual
disclaimer goes here from a satisfied user.



I have had the Turbo model of Speed Brite’s ionic cleaner for a
little over a year and-a-half. I have two ultrasonics that I have not
used once since getting the ionic. No fumes, no harsh chemicals, no
noise (except when using the turbo feature–which is very seldom
needed), extremely long-lasting solution, fast–45 seconds for gold,
etc. and 10 seconds for silver. I love it. Usual disclaimers–just a
very happy user.

Del Pearson of Designs of Eagle Creek in Beautiful South Texas.

I believe there is a spot for both. the ultra in the back of the
shop and the ionic in the front. I also believe in both very
strongly. If you like to keep the silver or gold bright, you must try
the anti-tarnish bags.

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