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Instructions on ultra sonic drilling


Help! I’m looking for literature/instructions on ultra sonic
drilling. I have an LUD-200BC drill that I bought for drilling
sapphires,(Cutting Edge Solutions was very helpful in figuring the
variables worked out so it would work for that application). The
instructions that come with it (translated) are entertaining but not
helpful at all. I can’t find anything on the web. Does anyone know
of anything out there in print? I’m currently drilling MT. Agate and
finding it slower going than the Sapphire. I’m also experiencing
major blowout on the back side. I have this great piece of equipment
that is under utilized. I love to experiment and figure things out,
but my lack of understanding about the process is frustrating me. I
am also wondering if anyone has bought or built a table that has a
drill press type action to feed the gem material up to the drill
tube? There isn’t much clearance on this model. Any advice would be

Thanks, Kate Hart



I am using an Imahashi Ultrasonic drill. I have no idea how the
LUD-200BC drill looks like. However if what you have is an
ultrasonic drilling machine then you have to use Carborundum Powder
along with water drips. In any case Sapphires take an inordinate time
compared to other materials.

Yath Iqbal
Ceylon Sapphires International, Sri