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I Need Gold recipes!

Hello Orchidians,

I have lurked the site for a while now but after all this time I have decided to write my first post. I alloy everything I make and so far that has limited to sterling silver. However as I come to work in Gold I realize the recipe options are a lot more complicated than silver. I need recipes for pleasing shades of both 14K and 18K Yellow Golds using the Au, Ag, Cu system (no Zinc!!) Thank you to anyone able to answer my question.


Hello! I was browsing through recent posts and came across yours. The reason why most people probably didn’t reply is because it is somewhat seen as rude to plainly ask for recipes. I know that you had no intention of being rude, but I fear that others may have taken it that way, so they declined to share their recipes. Either that, or they’re stingy with their recipes. On the bright side, I have been compiling a list of recipes for two years. Some are from research articles, some are from casting companies, and some are made by myself. It’s an incomplete guide, but it has quite a few recipes and I’m proud of getting them all into a centralized document for you all to see. I made a post about it today right here!

Thank you very much, Your right has no intention of rudeness. :slight_smile: