I can't weight

meaning I can’t find replacement weights for my small, folding, old,
mechanical, German(?)diamond balance. Everything is digital and I
don’t want to pop the few hundred…I can be cheap sometimes.

Leads, anyone???

I know yer gonna hate this…E-BAY. I bought a phenomenal set of old
gravers on there for $30. probably 30 gravers in it, plus other
tools, plus two huge sterling disc blanks, all in a case with notes
and diagrams from the 1940’s. Seller didn’t know what they
had…sigh…I can usually find obscure stuff there.

Lisa, (double rainbows and pink skies yesterday before
sunset…magic!!) Topanga, CA USA

Lisa Bialac-Jehle

Kassoy in New York sell replacement weights

I have managed to lose most of the weights to my balance scales thru
the years also. I blame it on cats but thats probablly a form of self
denial. Anyway, just use a thin sheet of fine silver and trim it to
the correct weight by balancing it against weights you still have.
Before the cat gets them. Have fun.

Tom Arnold


Try Kassoy. I think I bought some there a few years ago.

James S. Cantrell


I think what you are looking for can be found at

Or try a Google search under Ohaus Weights For other suppliers. Ohaus
make precision balance beam scales for laboratories amongst other
weighing instruments.


Hi Neil;

I think Rio Grande sells a set of the weights alone. Pretty
inexpensive too.

David L. Huffman

Hello Neil,

Fischer has the weights. 3.60 each or 29.90 for a set of 10. Plus
shipping of course. Gesswein has a pocket balance for 29.95. Plus
shipping. Weigh your options. Call me old fashioned but I prefere a
balance over digital anyday. It even works when the power goes out.

Have a great day,

Lisa, I agree: Ebay!

I have gotten most all of my supplies and tools from Ebay, including
a VERY gently used Kerr Injectomatic II for $180. I doesn’t even look
used except for some residue wax in the bottom. Of course, it’s a
continuous hunt and gather spectre. Took a few months to find some of
the things I was after. But Ebay is well worth the effort.