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Hows everyone doing?

Anyone still making things in their shops?
My last day at work today then non essential businesses close for a while. I just got gems that I can set at home and I have tons of other cool projects I’ve put off for years. Let the community know if you need some kind of help we can possibly provide.

Isolating in place in Jordan, NY. My Craft Shows have been cancelled until September at the soonest. My musical performances have been cancelled, period. So I am just playing around in the shop. Trying new things at the bench. Working on different guitar styles. Holding forth.


We’re isolated and have about a months worth of work and the materials to do it. But new work won’t be coming in because everyone is closing. Honestly I could use a little down time, I’ve been trying to remodel my shop for about a year…man it’s a mess.

I know you mean this community but that’s the really hard thing about this self isolation. Most people in the communities where most live are broke even when they get a regular paycheck. They don’t have an emergency fund for even a month. But it’s super hard to reach out and help them because everyone needs to stay away from each other. You can’t even make them a casserole, plus people who need help are reluctant to ask for it because they’re embarrassed. It’s hard to help.

Thank you God bless & stay well​:heart::+1:t3::sunglasses:

I hear ya. We gathered food together for kids that use the school breakfast for meals and then they tell us they dont want to distribute it because it might spread the virus. Well getting food from anywhere could do that. These kids need some stability

You are right, this cannot be addressed by individuals alone.

This is one important reason why we have governments.

Citizens working together (if no other way than by paying taxes) through their government to address community-wide needs when individuals alone cannot is a function of government. That is the only way to deal with this effectively.

Citizens need to let their leaders know they are expected to address the needs of the entire community and not let large numbers of other citizens suffer or go hungry. Those leaders who do not need to be removed at the next election.

This is not politics, it is citizenship.

Neil A

I had my left shoulder reconstructed on Feb 20th. More than rotator cuff work. Stitches came out 2 weeks later, I swear the world went crazy the next day. Being on of those over 65, I’m hunkered down. My son has MS so he’s in the vulnerable group. Hubby is one of the upper IT people for Disney. He’s working from home for the next maybe 6 more weeks or more. Financially we are fine. I wish I could do anything, but Movies are my current friend.

What I got an idea for today was an internet fashion show. “What I wear to work at home” that came to me while looking at my hubby at his corner computer desk. Head phones clashing with the color of his boxers. The boxers so old the elastic is shot. Doesnt help he gained weight this last year so he’s showing more out front that excess fabric. To this winning ensemble he added an old undershirt ripped in unsightly places. If the undershirt was ripped Jean’s, it might be valuable. So what did I think of while he drummed is pen in time with whatever blared in his head phones? What piece of Male oriented jewelry would accessorize his look. What would work for the ill dressed overweight Male gone bald?


I love this idea!! One of my barb wire necklaces would work well!

Sharron in Puerto Vallarta, Mx,

in my 3rd week of quarantine.

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You got that right brother. Beautifully said.

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i think it calls for a huge and very gold Rolex with gold band!

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I really love this idea!! Might have to try it out. 3rd week as well and going a bit mad.

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Having just come off of 3 1/2 years mostly isolated from the rotator cuff tear and not being allowed to drive, I know a lot about isolation! Being out in the country is nice until isolation comes into the mix. Keeping busy is the best thing to do. I tried the social networks, Facebook not so good! Try not to watch too much of the Covid19 updates, it just becomes depressing. Take up a new hobby. I am going to work on the soapstone carving I started and try and learn how to paint better. My figures in landscapes look like Ewalks, long blob bodies and itty bitty legs. LOL In Canada we are still dealing with snow. We are going to work on finishing up the house renos and then finish up the yard. Yearend books are almost complete! Stay safe everyone, talk to you tomorrow. Deb

I’m in total lockdown, sort of. I’m having eye problems, maybe allergies ??? according to the Dr. but am not doing anything likely to aggravate them. Have to wear strong reader to even read the newspaper. No jewelry, lest the polishing kicks up dust, no painting lest the solvent irritates them more. The library is closed.

So I’m watching TV, calling friends, admiring the cherry blossoms and daffodils in the yard. And telling myself that this too will pass. And it will. Terribly sorry for Italy, etc., and hoping they find some cure soon.

Stay strong, stay positive, stay creative,


I must be the only Canadian who enjoy’s this isolation! I do three things: Eat, Sleep and ???
I’m now preparing a little line of jewellery. The prices start at about $2,500.00 and up.

The prices go up to (don’t ask) I just did some stone counting on just three of them. One of them has over 1,039 diamonds in it, the other two have 365 each. The full line takes 2,608 stones in all.

Just heard that “this virus mess” will last until end of Summer, or early ??

Gerry, on my iPhone

Enjoy your creative space.

You’re always an inspiration!

I’m just sitting at home all by myself as is normal, making jewelry like mad for shows and galleries once this is over. I may spend a little time laying on the couch and reading but mostly working on jewelry. Be safe everyone. :heart:

Hi everybody,

So I usually just read through these daily chats and don’t respond. But I think I probably speak for more than just myself when I say that we would love to see some of these glorious diamond encrusted pieces Gerry! Will you share pics? I also just discovered your blog recently and really enjoy it- thank you for sharing your knowledge.

As far as enjoying the isolation- it is sort of a gift for creatives to have long stretches of uninterrupted shop time. I am feeling the freedom for sure (other than just having had knee surgery and being mostly confined computer creative time)…Just wish it did not come at such a high cost of life and financial disruption. We will survive! Maybe we can set aside a couple weeks each year with no appointments to capture these creative zones again- pretend to be out of town?!?

This forum is great. As Noralie said- stay positive, strong, creative and healthy!

Making some kickass silver jewelry. i work retail bench jeweler but virus closed us down. Taking class from Kent Raible online.

Thanks for mentioning that. I’d lost track of that guy but have long admired his complex granulation work. It’s cool he’s offering classes, very worthwhile I bet.