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Hows everyone doing?

What a great image😆

I am thinking a wide ultra masculine choker, or Rambo style head-band with maching upper arm cuffs.

Thanks to your husband for the

Entertainment value

Hope you feel better soon :sparkles:


Hi All,
I don’t do anything on social media so it’s nice to hear from other people in the same situation. I’m a displaced Alaskan (25 years) and maintained my winter sanity with a lot of artwork. At the moment, I’m laid off in Washington State, but any alone time means I can focus on my jewelry. Before Christmas, I purchased an oxy/prop Swiss torch system; in hindsight I probably should have left the money in the bank! With so much free time on my hands, I started trying to solder copper bezels onto 20 gauge copper back plate; you can guess the rest of that story! I had enough projects lined up for at least a month, but for the moment I will have to downsize my projects! Wishing everyone a safe and creative lock-down!
Renee Tallman

Your perfect description gave me a good laugh! I’ve had two shoulder and four knee surgeries so I feel your pain. Keep pushing through it, it really does get better. Best wishes!

If you are not fond of Facebook with all the opinions out there I have found that Instagram is a place like this where people just share art and ideas if you start following jewelers. I tend to skateboard also and I follow and have followers from all around the globe. I’ve come across no political stuff on there. I really like it.
I still have a few things to finish for work otherwise I’m going projects at home jewelry and others.
Shannon. Instagram is scavengerqr, see you there

A little line starting at $2500. Good for you Gerry, my idea of a little line may mean knocking off a 0!

I hit the “post-button” to darned fast. My least expensive item is about $2,885.00, my next item has a price of about $56,826.00.
But this item has a 5.00 carat diamond in it, now with this diamond, it now pushes the amount up to $322,816.00.
I don’t create items by going to the ‘cheapest route’! Neither should you!!..:wink:
My prices are for the most luxurious & meant for the 1% of the population.
When I created my “Guinness World Record“ item, it had a price-tag of only $465,000.00. In this “Worlds Most Valuable Casino Disk” in May, 2013 it had 17, 1.00 carat diamonds.

To view this little item, go to my setting-blog. Please, work and stay safe.

Gerry, on my iPhone!!

here are a few little items for you all, (sorry no photographs)…;(

  1. Pill-Box, with diamonds $222,988.00

  2. pair of dice, with gems! $279,888.00

  3. birth of a 5.00-carat diamond! $322,816.00

I don’t make cheap stuff.

When all of these items are copyrighted, then these will be shown, but not now.;(

Gerry, on my iPhone

Gerry - when I go to your link, I can’t find the piece you reference - how do I find pictures of your work?
Judy H

It’s under the heading of Guinness World Records, etc’s. I’ll search the date of posting in an hour

Gerry, on my iPhone