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How was 2009 MJSA Expo New York?

If you attended or exhibited at Expo, I’d appreciate hearing what
you thought of this year’s show: the good, the bad, even the ugly.
Anything come to mind that we could have done better? Anything
missing, such as a particular category of vendor or attendee? How
about the seminars? Given the economic climate, we were happy with
the turnout, as were most vendors, but we know there must be ways we
could improve for next year. Thanks,

Gerry Davies
Director of Communications
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America

Dear Gerry:

Thank you for asking. Each year Spirig has a booth at MJSA Expo New
York. We need to be there to provide opportunities for potential
customers to play with and use our Spirflame[tm]. We have plenty of
data and a good number of happy customers, we can refer
to, many in NYC. However, our product impresses best "in person."
With customers trying it out for themselves. For us, the MJSA Expo is
the perfect place to do this. This= years show was an excellent year
for actual sales, and sales leads. Sales have improved for our
product at this event for the last three years in a row. And it is
always good to see existing customers and friends again. Like
anything else, not everyone puts the same thought and effort into
exhibiting. Not everyone hits the center of the target, so results
can easily vary. Spirig has a valuable and important product,
especially as regulations increase, costs climb and greater precision
is required, making my job easier. We were across from Stuller and
Rio and all of us were very busy. Stuller ran out of catalogs on the
first day. The other exhibitors we talked to were also happy with
their results. Surprising considering the general business climate.
The MJSA show team does a great job. Especially in walking the show,
even during set up and tear down, actively looking for problems and
keeping in touch. Small problems are immediately solved before they
become big problems. As a Swiss firm, we do not spend where we would
not receive excellent value and a very good return. See you next

Gary Miller
Sr. Technical Advisor
Telephone: 800 499 9933/203 378 5216
Web site:

I attended on the last day; arriving at 10 and leaving at 2ish. My
comment is: if you are going to let exhibitors either not show up at
all or close up early on the final day - - don’t hold it at all that
final day. I was unable to attend until the last day, but had I
known it would be a throw-away day for the exhibitors, I would not
have attended at all. If I can make the effort to attend the show,
the exhibitors should make the effort to not start closing up shop
until the show is over.

I found the placement of Stuller and Rio interesting; not only next
to each other but off in the side room.

On a final note, I was not there for amethyst beads or pearls - - I
wouldn’t have included those types of exhibitors because I think it
detracts from the show.


I think the MJSA show was great if you consider people selling beads,
incense, furniture and the New York Times Jewelry Manufacturers. I
remember there was a time where you would get thrown out for selling
at the booth, now prices are proudly displayed on the items, the
exhibitors carry scales and cash registers. I heard the word “flea
market” numerous times from people stopping by the booth. I wish that
it went back to the old times when it was actually Manufacturers and
Jewelry Suppliers of America (now I see few manufacturers, some
suppliers, and not all companies seem to be based in America). Where
are the machine dealers? (Haas, OmniTurn, etc)? Its hard enough to
make money in this economy, but when my customers wont fly to NY for
a show anymore because there isnt anything to see…it doesn’t help.
I know they want to make $ and fill up the show, but hey…we all have
to make cuts…why cant they? smaller venues, cheaper show costs, etc
would certainly help

Post Script: None of my comments were meant to imply I would not
attend next year: I will - I enjoy the show and it makes a world of
difference to get some hands on time with the equipment.



I attuned the first day, Sunday.

Arrived 11ish, left around 4.

The line at the badge pick up was amazingly long and slow for those
of us who registered early. Not enough help to move this line and
more than enough help over at the registration booths for those who
did not register early, something to think about for next year.
Also, there were a number of people ahead of me trying to get in
without the proper credentials, i.e. business cards!! Maybe it
should be made very clear what you need to attend the show.

I was impressed by the number of exhibitors and attendees in this
economy. My goals were to seek out a few new suppliers and to see
the latest equipment. The few people I chatted with regarding
cad-cam were very knowledgably and gave me a lot of to
think about for a future purchase.

Also, I was glad the stone and bead dealers are there frankly
because I can compare price and merchandise. I connected with a new
bead vender at the show and am just thrilled. They are new to the
business, eager to help and want photos of my creations using their
merchandise so they can promote both! They even sent me a thank you
card for purchasing their good, how refreshing! It’s always a
pleasure to do business with someone who truly respected what you do
and is happy to supply you with beautiful things.

What I did not find and was looking for was a vendor selling clasps
etc., like New York Findings, Clasps Plus etc I know they are
located in the city and for most easy to go over and get what they
want but for me it is a bit more difficult since I am out of town.

My overall experience was positive. People were energies and eager
to help.

Thank you,
LAC Designs

Went to the MJSA show for the first time. I was surprised by all the
beads in the first room. The second room held items of more interest
to me. The large scale manufacturing equip is not in my future right
now. But I was really impressed with the Rhino Gold presentation and
am seriously thinking of buying it and going for training pending
comments on my post yesterday. Also immediately bought a tool whose
name I forget and the card is in the studio (sorry) that looks like
the business end of a polishing machine facing up. The polishing
surfaces have holes so you can see the results in real time, not
after you screwed something up. Can do metal, stones, drill bits,
etc. Only problem is the cost of the extra medium and the holders.
YIKES! Think it is marketed thru Gesswein.

The highlight for me tho was meeting Steve Midgett and James
Binnion… 2 of my heros.

Esta Jo Schifter
Phila PA

I attended and thought the show was good for a jewelry design firm
startup as I am. I met alot of vendors who were nice and encouraging
and fellow jewelry designers from out ot town I would have liked to
stay for the entire seminar on the Hidden Consumer market, the one
that started at 3:45pm, but I had to catch a train. Will there be
DVDs of these seminars to purchase or a written copy?


Several have asked about Expo New York seminars that they missed. I
can provide the PowerPoint presentations from the “Marketing to Gen
Y” and “Financing Diamonds and Precious Metals” seminars. I will soon
write up my notes from the economy seminar and will offer them as

Send me an email if you’re interested.

Marlene Richey had a great “Profiting by Design” seminar, judging
from the attendance and enthusiasm. Your best bet for getting what
you missed there would be her book of the same name. It’s available
on Amazon (I think) and the MJSA website.

If I come up with anything else, I’ll let Orchid know.

Gerry Davies
Director of Communications