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How to purchase jewelry for babies

One of the latest trends for gifting children and babies is Jewelry.
Jewelry is given for baby births, showers, baptisms and birthdays.
There are variety of baby jewel accessories available on online baby
jewelry shops to choose. You can find bracelets earrings and more
baby jewels by a single mouse click. In addition you can find a
unique set of pieces for your babies from online baby jewelry shops.
When shopping for baby jewelry, you should keep in mind that the
item you are purchasing should be pretty and safe for babies.

There is lot of baby jewelry shops available online which supplies
baby name bracelets, baby bracelets, hand-fired and engraved 99.9%
pure silver pendants and charms, sterling silver, Swarovski and Czech
crystal jewelry, 14kt gold accent jewelry, personalized jewelry, and
custom items and baby jewelry.

The most important thing to consider when shopping for baby jewelryis
size. Choosing the right size of baby jewels is very much important.
Most of the online baby jewelry shops offer custom-made baby jewelry
pieces especially for newborns and infants. You have to search for
baby jewelry that are available in super-small sizes and come wth
extender chain so that the jewel can be extended to the length with
the child. By using this extension, you can use the baby jewelry to
the child until he or she starts grade school also.

If baby jewellery fits inside, the now old fashioned film canister,
it is a choking hazard. There are amber, ha ha, bracelets for
teething babies that are definitely a choking hazard. Be safe do
not sell jewellery for children under three. Simple if it can be
broken down into the size of a peanut/ground nut it can kill a


As a jeweler and Grandmother, I have seen a new fad take over. My
daughter-in-law put a bracelet on my granddaughter at the hospital.
Adalaide has been wearing one ever since, she is nearing 3. Never
once has she broken or taken off the bracelet on her own. She now
has a jewelry box and takes great joy in choosing her own. She is
quite the diva. The jewelry I have made for her includes 2mm agate
with mini heishe twisted sterling. Also a jade bracelet and a
sterling and swarovski bracelet.

Then last month another new mother asked me to not only make her
daughter Nova a bracelet, but also a necklace to match, and now at
about 5 months, Nova also considers the jewelry as stationary and
does not play with them.

We as a society have gotten paranoid of being safe. I grew up in a
time when we biked, skated and rode horses and motorcycles without
helmets and pads. We also survived without car seats. I now would
not have a child in a car without a car seat, but as for the
rest…well it is up to each person to decide for
themselves. I am not bound by fear, it does not paralyze me. We all
have choices.

When I sell baby jewelry to my two customers, I give them a caution.
For my granddaughter it is verbal, but for Nova I mark it on the
receipt that the item is dangerous and caution should be used.
Blessings pat

I agree! I actually made some bracelets for our new grandson, the
kind with his name spelled out in letter beads but with sterling
findings etc., and his mom wisely never put them on him. A better
idea would be to make a sterling rattle. They can be lovely!