How often do you replace your files?

How often do you find you need to replace your files? I have one or
two that are starting to feel a bit dull on me.

Paul Anderson

it is perhaps the most consumable tool group I own!. I find myself
replacing them about annually if not every two years on carbon steel
ones, diamond files last a bit longer… I am almost exclusively using
valtitan files for steel and the occasional grobet barrette…but in
humid new orleans they just don’t last. I have tried anti-rust tool
tabouret liners, and nothing stops the insidious moisture…so I wrap
em in carbolex treated papers and hope for the best. I never let them
touch each other and those in cases stay in cases or sheathes. I
clean them with gum rubber (crepe) but nothing stops the rust down
here below sea level. rer


If you find that the forward section of a file is wearing a tad
smooth, try this method. Start in using the section of the file that
is nearer to the handle. You will add many more months of new life
to any file…


There is no set time period. Replace them when the work you do with
them is no longer satisfactory, whatever your reason may be.

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

You guys down south may have salty sea breezes as well. This sounds
simple but try it, coat them in 30 w non-detergent motor oil. It can
be had for about $.99 a quart. I live near Lake Erie, it can be darn
near tropical humidity especially in the summer. I’ve used 30 weight
for about 30 yrs. and its about as good as it get imho.