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House Charge?

I haven’t had house charge accounts for many years but I’m
rethinking it, at least for this season. It might be just the ticket
to close tough sales, especially these days. I’m thinking significant
deposit including sales tax then remainder of terms to be worked out
on an individual basis. Only available to known and trusted clients
on in-stock items. Might be a good way to turn a thousand dollar sale
into three. The goodwill couldn’t hurt, keep them in the fold so to
speak, Hubby’s a bigger hero with less pain? My inventory is mostly
paid so my risk is not as great as if I still had to make payments
on unperforming accounts, vs maybe not making the sale at all.

Those of you bricks and mortar retailers who have or had house
charges…any thoughts, suggestions, horror stories would be

What are the procedures for automatic credit card charges on the
future payments? Do I need anything more than the customer’s written
approval (knuckle buster slips)? I can figure I’ll pay a higher
discount rate because the card won’t be swiped but I could live with

Thanks for input.