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Harbor Freight's Ultrasonic


I have the Harbor Freight 1.5 Ultrasonic, it is a delight and works
to perfection. It does not have a heater, but I start out with hot
water and no difference at all.

I am very loyal to Kenneth Singh, and Rio Grande, Harbor Freight
fills the bill when my wallet so deems it. I have not had a single
product failure from Harbor Freight, and I appreciate being able to
do things at home, rather than wait for studio time.


Thank you one and all for the useful and informative responses. While
I’ve gotten several emails with alternative choices, reasonably
priced, I also received mixed results on the Harbor Freight item.
Several people wrote privately that it was a piece of junk, “save up
and get a good one”; others are still happily cleaning with their
Harbor Freight versions. It looked like there was a similar good/bad
experience with the dapping set. Perhaps the poorer examples of
these items were manufactured on a Friday, when everyone’s thoughts
are on the weekend… just a spin of the roulette wheel which one
you’ll get. I think I’m feelin’ lucky… time will tell.