Grobet saw frames rebuild kits

I have three Grobet saw frames, two of which are failing to hold the
saw blades. I am wondering if anyone knows if there are “rebuild
kits” for these like there are for the older style thumb screw saw
frames. These have the black hard rubber coated thumb screws. To just
replace the saw frames is not expensive, it’s just that I hate to
waste them since they are still very good. If anyone knows of a
supplier who has these, please let me know off-line if you wish,
thanks in advance for your help.

John Barton

I am wondering if anyone knows if there are "rebuild kits" for
these like there are for the older style thumb screw saw frames. 

All you need to do is to take out the screw and resurface the heel.
Also make sure that nothing stock to the anvil facing the screw.
Sometime blade breaks and small piece could get stuck in there.

Leonid Surpin

John-re saw frames-use a slitting disc on ur handpiece and regroove
the frame mounts and the locking tabs. A perpindicular pattern of
grooves works okay or get clever with a crosshatch. if no handpiece,
use a triangular needle file. I really cant stand to toss a tool-too
much like an old friend. U just dont do it. can also make new screws
easy enuf -lots of fun part of being a jeweler is making do with what
u have. be innovative- thats where new designs and processes come
from. (I actually know how to spell-just gettin lazy

Karl Fischer GMbH- Pflorzheim has the kits- i just saw them 3 days
ago in their on line catalogue rer

I don’t know about ‘rebuild kits’ for Gorbet frames, which I think
are excellent. I know the newer ones have a steel knurled head to
tighten the screw.

I believe they can be purchased to replace the old plastic leaver
type. However here are two suggestions which I have had to use to
overcome blade slippage problems: 1. remove tightening screw and
clean out the blade hole.

Try again.

  1. drill out a 1.5mm diagonal (downward pointing) hole through the
    handle end aluminium holder to meet the blade hole so that metal
    sawdust etc. does not fill it up.

ALSO make sure there are no bits of broken saw blade on the back
screw plate against which the blade is pinched by the screw.

While on the subject of the use of piercing saws. I have two, one
for normal saw piercing and the other with the blade inserted so the
teeth face forward so you cut on the push against the bench pin!!!
Sacrilege. It is excellent for cutting jumprings, chainmaking, also
ringsizing. Adjust the blade size to the wire diameter. Try it.

David Cruickshank

I have bought new screws to hold the blade in from Stuller. I think
something is flawed in the design because it is always breaking
blades or slipping (my frame is adjustable opposed to fixed). My
basic saw frame that I bought as a beginning student works much
better even after replacing the screws. I also made sure to clean
inside for broken blades, wax and dust.

Melissa Stenstrom

I’m not sure if this is your problem or not, but I just thought I’d
throw my two cents in. I have a Grobet saw frame and have
occasionally had problems with a blade not mounting well. What I have
done each time this has become the case is remove the thumbscrew that
isn’t clamping from the frame and using a piece of a broken saw blade
to clean out the hole, as there is often a buildup of metal and
lubricant debris. If this is not the case, I assume you could always
check with the service department at Otto Frei, as they are quite