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Graver essays!

Finally, I’ve sent out all 180 emails today & a day or so ago! Today’s partial total is 181 MB’s…But when everything is done, you will have in excess of 1/2 GB’s. This might take a few emailings as there are so-o-o many folders to separate prior to mailing. I estimate at least 5 emailing session when all is done, Tiring for me?..maybe! But enjoying this opportunity on our Orchid in giving away my notes for all to read & learn…at no charge!!!..Gerry Lewy!


I would like a copy also of the graver notes

Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge with the community Gerry. You are a star!

Gerald, you are wonderfully amazing & generous. Thank you so very much.
Ruth Chantrell

If possible would you send to
Thank you.

I would like the notes please. Thanks for sharing!
Penny Atkinson-Potter

I would like a copy too if it is possible, thank you for your time and generosity.

I would love to be on your mailing list to receive your graver notes! I’m a
beginner and can use all the help I can find!
Thanks so much.
Carol Huntington

Carol, I have your website but not your email address. Please send it to me as soon as you can !!!’

Gerry! from my mobile-phone!

Hi Gerry,

Please add m e-mail address: for the graver
notes. I would love so much to start studying this field. I am new in
the trade.

Thank you so much!


La 22.04.2017 20:47, Gerald Lewy a scris:

Thank you so much for making your notes available to the Orchid community. Would you please add me to your mailing list, my email is
Thank you,
Dianne Ryder

Sorry! My email is:
And thanks!

I’m now sending you my initial group of 'Essays on Diamond Setting"…all at no charge! The next few groups on this topic will be coming hopefully next week. When finished, there will be in excess of 1/2Gig of very useful setting information. Gerry Lewy!

Gary- I would also like a set of notes, if you’re not too worn out from sending out all the copies: many thanks

Thank you so much!

I appreciate your time and efforts Gerry. Your legacy will live on through those who receive your valuable and informative notes. Take care.

I’d love a copy!

Gerry, thank you so much for your very kind offer to share your knowledge and notes. I, too, would most appreciate a copy. My email address is My sincerest thanks!

are you up for one more post? i have gravers and actually dreamed about how engraving would feel, plus i would like to be familiar enough to bright cut a bezel…

joanne davis-woods

Hi Joanne
I really need your full email address. This way I can start sending you the 1/2Gig of setting information!