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Good HEPA vacuum for bench dust

I have been using the shop vac for several years now. Mine is a
Ridgid, and I use both a filter and vacuum bags with my model. The
filter has stayed amazingly clean, almost like new, so I am assuming
this system has been working fairly well. I think for my own piece of
mind, i would like to step it up a notch and get a good HEPA vacuum.
I know they are expensive. Also need one that has powerful suction.
The shop vac I have has OK suction, but I feel like there has to be a
better way to keep the extra debris off my bench. Its not so much
polishing compound as it is those nasty abrasive rubber wheels I love
so much. They create this nasty fine powder!! I have to practically
put the piece I’m working on, as well as the wheel, inside the hose
so that no extra debris falls to my tabletop. I’ve just been dealing
with it and its getting old. And I absolutely abhore grind boxes.
Been there done that hated it it ended up in the dumpster. i’d rather
hear the loud blast of a vacuum then stick my hands inside some weird
window box and try to do any fine clean up work. So, if anyone has
any suggestion, I’d love to hear them!! Howard Woods–I found you
mentioning you use this method on an old thread…I figure the thread
was too old to respond to so perhaps you will come across this one
and lend me your expertise!!


The answer is “Fein”. It’s beyond anything else I have seen. Google
it. They are made in Germany but are easily available in the US.


i have a very nice vacuum sweeper made by PROCARE its made in the USA
out in idahoe or iowa or some western state. i paid about $400 for it
and it i think it would suck a howling slashing house cat into the
bag if you made a mistake and got to close, with no notice of dust at
all coming out of the exhaust and it seems like its built to last