Going to buy a matal shear need advice

Has anyone used the Potter 12" shear. It seems expensive but if it
does a good job for the long haul it may be worth the money. I have
looked atthe offerings from the Jewelry suppliers and see most do
not cut under 20Gage. While much of what I cut is not thicker than
20 Ga I would occasionallybe cutting 14 to 16 gage copper mostly,
but some silver. Thanks for your help, Rockboy - Tim k

I bought a 12" shear recently from Kevin Potter, I very quickly gave
away the old 6" I had. This cuts straight with zero war page and will
still be working after Armageddon hits. It is that well made.

Everything Kevin makes is awesome! Haven’t used it but it is on my
wish list. I have a regular shear that goes to about 16 gauge, but
want Kevin’s that goes thicker, and cuts straighter without leaving
the curve in the metal mine leaves.

Also his is one of the few that is that wide - 12". Most are much

Beth Wicker

The Potter is a good choice.

I bought a shear from Harbor Weight and found it difficult. It would
cut sterling or copper on a straight line only for a few inches, then
it began to move slightly to the right. It had a very small base. I
think it would have worked better if the base was larger.

Good luck. MA

Look at the shear produced by Kevin Potter, a quality tool.

Mary - there are two kinds of shears - A guillotine type might work
better for you. There is still the problem of holding down the sheet
so that it doesn’t move, but the better ones do that.

The type you have that has a 2 or 3 inch throat, curves on purpose
so that you can cut circles. Ask Mr Google about guillotine shears.

There is a third choice - a very small band saw from Micro Mark does
a really good job and it costs about $300.

Judy Hoch

If you haven’t bought anything, don’t until you check harbor
Freight, Good tools for very low prices got my shear from them and
other then sharpening the blade, and keeping the moving part clean
and lubed. Its preformed flawlessly since the 90s.

I’ve bought a Potter USA Shear and have been very happy with it.
Unlike other shears, it barely puts a curl in the metal, nearly flat
cut Amost shears will curl the cut off badly. Also, it comes with a
table so it is easier to align cuts. Check them out

Cathartic Studio

Thanks for the help all. I just ordered from Potter, I need the 12"
cut and would find the smaller ones a problem for what I do.