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Glamor shots

To All - During a brief moment of levity combined with cynisism
(sp?) i noticed how photo’s of jeweler conference speakers regularly
are presented in conference brochures.

it seems to me that more often than not it is a " glamor pose" are
jewelers really egomaniacs? if you care to have a moment of
lightheartedness check out some of the past dated conference
brochures you really wanted to attend . Somtimes its the old “pensive
fist to chin " then there is the” nocturnal reptillian leaning on the
bar can i buy you a drink ? " pose also there is the extremecropped
and classic “realtor on the bus stop bench shot " and we shouldnt
forget the “all hallows eve shot” where the portraitee is wearing a
suit so formal,and a hat,it appears to look like a costume.last but
not not least but what seems in a valiant effort to escape and branch
out the” rendered " or pen and ink style shot of a posed portrait. if
it was me i would submit the photo of me having a meltdown on santas
knee when i was 6 because that would be accurate of what is really
going on in my head if i was standing up in front of a bunch of
jewelers giving a presentation. any how please dont be offended just
good natured attempt at innocent fun from someone with a nickname
after somthing proctor & gamble has built an industry on the ability
to remove


I had an article published in Lapidary Jeweler a few months ago and
had to take a self portrait as part of the photos I took. my
apprentice told me it looked like I had eaten a pork chop with out
picking it up…she has a way with words. Thank you Shawna. Anyway
it was at that point I decided to think about having a portrait taken
for that kind of thing, only to think it’s probably the last time
I’ll need the dammn thing anyway. So,ego? hell yes, sort of.

Sam Patania, Tucson

Well, a jeweler down the street from me had the realtor on the bus
stop picture on his billboard… if I ever do it, I’m going with the
"nocturnal reptillian leaning on the bar can i buy you a drink ? "
pose since I’ll really buy them a drink if I bump into my clients at
the bar… of course right next to it will be a picture of my wife
having a meltdown – because I’m at the bar!

-Stanley Bright

it was at that point I decided to think about having a portrait
taken for that kind of thing, only to think it's probably the last
time I'll need the dammn thing anyway. So,ego? hell yes, sort of. 

Well, they can always run it with your obituary. Sorry, didn’t mean
to be morbid, but you will want a nice portrait of yourself…

Everyone needs a good head shot these days, for writing or just the
web. I need to update mine.

I think the worst head shot of a writer I’ve ever seen in an article
featured the writer with a snake. Heavens, if you have to hold
something, at least make it on-theme, a tool or something.

Wishing you good health and a long life, Sam!

Hard to FInd Tools for Metal Clay

Dear Goo,

Thank you, for having me start my day with raucous laughter!

I hate having my picture taken. I usually look like a stroke victim
(please, no offense to actual stroke victims). As I get older, I
realize that I am becoming a caricature of my younger self. I spend
way less than 5 minutes a day in front of a mirror, so I’m startled
when confronted with an image of myself. I realize that I only really
know what my hands look like, as they are the only part of my body
that I see regularly.

I’ve tried, more than once, to submit a photo that my aunt and uncle
took of me, on Halloween, in 1961. They dressed me up, at age 2, as
Fidel Castro. For some reason, the publishers, and event organizers
feel that a baby picture of me, with a luxurious beard, military
garb, and a cigar in my mouth is inappropriate. Go figure!

Thanks again for having me start out my day with a great chuckle.

Kate Wolf
in Portland, Maine. Hosting wicked good workshops by the bay.

apprentice told me it looked like I had eaten a pork chop with out
picking it up.....she has a way with words. Thank you Shawna.

Oh, one more thing, just make sure it’s not such a glamour shot that
when people meet you in person they are disappointed!

I’ve seen a couple of those.

Hard to FInd Tools for Metal Clay

I did this years ago. If I may make a suggestion, bring your own
clothes, make up and jewelery. The company was called GLAMOUR SHOTS (
I am not sure if they are still in business ) and a friend and I did
it together ( JUST FOR FUN). They tried to put me in a size 7 lace
shirt(I am a BIG girl ), with purple eye shadow and did crazy stuff
to my hair. It was a stroke of luck that I had a change of clothes in
the car and an overnight bag, so when they were done, I was able to
stick my head under the faucet, wash my face and change into my own

They did a great job once they found out I wasn’t doing it for a
boudoir shot. I paid $50 for the release which was the best $50 I
have ever spent.

Still use the photo for advertising.

It is a must for everyone to do.


Quite a few years back, I had to have professional head shots taken
for speaking engagements I was doing for the company I worked for. It
was an…um… intriguing and unsettling experience.

What I found was that it was critical that I was comfortable in what
I was wearing (both clothes and makeup) and how I had my hair done.
Otherwise, what resulted looked stilted, silly, or just plain odd.
From that point on, I insisted on my own clothes: an elegant silk
blouse in a solid color - important - that complemented my skin tone
and hair color, with a neckline that was flattering AND somewhat
visible (you really don’t want to look “nude” - nor do you want to
look “choked”). In those clothes and my “own” hair and makeup, I was
comfortable enough to smile, laugh, be relaxed, and look much more
natural in those oddly unnatural poses that pro photogs seem to
insist on for head shots.

As to the importance of good head shots (and a good appearance at
shows) - someone once told me that “No one wants to buy their style
from someone who has none.” That’s stuck with me and is good
incentive for me to not take the easy road of jeans and too-casual
button-down shirt to work my booth. Professional and somewhat stylish
attire is the rule for me, and I do think it makes a difference. I
carry myself differently and my posture changes in more formal

The shots of me on my website, on the other hand, show me from the
side, hard at work in the studio. In that context, my work stands
alone… I would imagine very few people really care, online, about
what I look like. They just want to see the work.

Hope this helps!
Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs
Hand-made, one-of-a-kind jewelry

I’ve recently researched the company Glamour Shots. Unfortunately,
it doesn’t appear to be in Canada any longer. I did see many
locations however in the USA. It appears it may be functioning as a
franchise business now.

One of the things woman can do for a photo is have a salon do your
makeup, wear your own business clothes and then go have a local
photographer (who is well regarded) take your picture. In Canada,
Sears and The Bay have studios in store that do pics as well. If you
want a business photo I am sure they can accommodate. Keep your head
on if you go to them, they have completely memorized the sales pitch
and you have to stand firm not to buy the whole package which can
cost hundreds. They usually have introductory deals and try to find
out what they are before you book an appointment.