Getting oxidized effect on vermeil


I have an item I gold plated… I want to create an oxidized effect
in some areas or fill in some areas black… My plater said use shoe
polish which I did and it looks great but it comes out! Anything else
I can use???


You can us black Magic Marker. It is removable with denatured
alcohol, so you can jam a large marker into the cracks of the design,
and then carefully wipe it off the surface with a cloth wrapped
around a stick, with alcohol on it. Use good ventilation.

M’lou Brubaker, Jeweler
northern Minnesota, U.S.A.

I’ve had good results oxidizing gold using commercial solutions
applied with a loop of steel (not stainless) binding wire.

J. Richardson

Hi DeDe -

Black permanent marker works great for a matte effect. Just make
sure to immediately wipe it off if it gets in areas where you don’t
want it. If you desire a glossy effect, use a black epoxy resin
enamel that doesn’t require heat to cure.

Best regards.

Lyn Punkari