Getting daily digest

I cannot, for the life of me, find the ‘gear’! I can see it here, above to the right, but not on the page that is critical for signing on.

Look under your avatar. Click on the photo and your settings will pop up with the little gear there. You have to be signed in first.

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I finally found it, but it really is hidden from view. Making someone poke around trying to find something that should be obvious results in a waste of time. At least make the instructions more complete so that poking around is not necessary.
Having said that, the site is looking lively and up-to-date.

@stephen11962 Thanks for the feedback. I updated the FAQ post on this to make it more clear where the gear is located and how to get to it.

Thanks @kamani74 for helping!

And thank you for the feedback @stephen11962. When you say hidden from view, was it pushed off-screen or anything? That would be good for us to know. It shows up fine on my screen but we always want to know how it looks for others.

I am still trying to get the daily digest. Thanks for your response.

Here are the instructions for getting daily digest.

Just a tip for new users of the site:
When I first logged in I couldn’t see my colored initial / profile picture (upper right). I had to click the blue ‘log on’ button AGAIN, then my initial/profile picture magically appeared. Then I could click on this to bring up the ‘gear’ to make the changes to my profile. I’m using a Mac, so maybe it’s just a weirdness with Apple computers …

Yes - this is because you first logged into, and then once you are signed on to, you have to click login again on orchid to be logged in. This is because Orchid and Ganoksin share one sign on, so you need only have one account to have access to both resources.


I am getting two of these so can you take me off one of them? Thanks.

Barbara Jacquin

@bjacquin - this is a bug in the system related to daily digest. we (@leah-ganoksin-admin) are working on resolving it now.