Gerrys Setting essays!

Hi Orchid/Ganoksin gang!

I’ve been busy these last few weeks, why so? ** * I have just posted another 17 topics*** (the list is now at 46 essays). The topics are many, but so worthwhile & necessary in the daily tasks at your jewellers bench.

As of a moment ago, the total viewers are now 4,709 (worldwide)…and this is only in 2 months from the creation on this blog.

I prefer to keep my technical jargon & details easy to read. Many viewers are from different countries and may be not so well versed in all the subtle nuances of the English language. I abhor to write at a university/college level, as many of our readers are just starting out in this profession, every piece of instruction has to be completely understood. Each essay takes me about 15 edits and sometimes those photographs are not on topic, then back to my bench and re-take more photographs…whew!

Have fun reading & learning…and above all…doing the setting!!!

Thank you Gerry. I hope you have a good weekend.