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Gem Recutting Recommendations?

A few folks have asked me who I recommend for gem recutting. I’ve used many, but I thought would post up the question here. Who are you using to repair/re-cut gems? Precision or commercial cutters?

P.S. here is one that I just got back from Dan Stair. A spinel that was super shallow. Quite a difference!

The finest gem cutter is Gerson Bispo of Miami Florida at
He has over 30 + years in fine and custom gemstone cutting, repairs, cabbing, fancy and standard faceting, jewelry carving, heat treating, etc He is master cutter from Brazil from a long line of gem cutters and also has done mining. He has over seen cutting operations for large firms in Hong Kong, India , Brazil and the United States. He is also a master heat treater . He cuts each stone to perfection with excellent polish and also many fancy cuts as well and repairs or from rough or slabs. He also has overseen productions and treatments of blue topaz and other quartz stones in Brazil as well as cutting emeralds and sealing of emeralds, and cutting of tourmalines, aqua and pariba tourmaline, etc
Contact him if you need any of the above work done . He speaks 3 languages fluently english, portugese and spanish.

Lee Horowitz GemologistPeru Blue Opal

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