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Herman's - an apology

Hello all,

The reason I mentioned Herman’s Simply Clean being released was because I felt it was an important
development in polishes. As most of you know, I take the topic of tarnish removal seriously. I now
see I should have given more thought before announcing a commercial product on this group. So with
that realization I offer my apologies.

Jeff Herman

Jeff - you need not apologize. The posting was appropriate, and welcomed.



I for one am very glad you have this product. I’m also glad it was announced here, because so many want to know how to properly clean silver. You came up with this as a result of all the questions and such over the long haul of this site. It is a solution to a problem (literally) that plagues so many that seek help. Don’t give up and keep the good stuff coming!


Hello Seth,

Thanks for putting my mind at ease.


You know Jeff, a very important part of this forum is the sharing of wonderful ‘finds’. My personal purchases of several products based on recommdations from Orchidians, have almost always been exceptional. For example, the Knew Concepts saw and metal bench pin - wow!

Therefore, no apologies are necessary. I appreciate learning of such things.
Judy in Kansas, where the storms last night taxed everyone’s roofs and gutters. Now to clean up all the leaves.


Hi, many commercial products and services get announced here! One that immediately springs to mind is setting classes and videos. No one has said anything about that. I do not think an apology is warranted here, but appreciate the thought. I like all the content, whether ads or knowledge because it all gets my creative juices flowing. Thanks to all of you who post and share so much of yourselves. I appreciate that for the most part we are a positive and supportive group!

Thank you, Agnes. And as you know I’m more than happy to help any metalsmith with polishing questions.



A good product on the market that does as it claims is a welcome thing. No apologies needed for me.


Jeff, Thank You for posting news of your new product! This is one of the
reasons I have been a member of orchid since its inception.
The information on this forum has been so helpful over the years ,titanium
soldering clips being one of them.More importantly since I live in a rural
area this is my only access to other metal smiths I see us all as a clan
sharing info.Over the years we all seem to be able to let each other know
when we are being inappropriate.Just like a family,Thank You All ,Audrita

I agree. I have purchased products based on the recommendations or advise of jewelers I consider much wiser and more experienced than myself.

Barbara in Texas on a beautiful sunny day in the 70’s.

Figuring out how to balance truly useful commercial postings vs what’s too many and where to draw the line is one of the hardest things about any online community. I can tell you from having participated in other communities and having admin’ed another community in the past. But we’re all committed to finding a solution that works! It might just take a few twists and turns as we get there! :slight_smile:

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Jeff, In my mind, your years on this forum and all your helpful advice on silver restoration have earned you the privilege to post any product you wish. In particular, your warnings on using the dip, Tarnex, have been duly noted. Your silver-friendly polish is just what the industry needs.
If the administrator (Seth) gives his approval of your advertisement, that’s all you need.
Dale Pavatte
Diamonds For You

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Hello Jeffrey,

No apologies needed here either. Thank you for your grace and concern.

I remember when you first mentioned starting to work on a solution ( a pun! get it?) to the problem of a proper tarnish removal product, and how you asked the community for their opinion about it.

Since then, I have waited for your idea to become a reality, and am excited that it has.

Also, I love the fact that you are aligned with Blitz, as I love their products as well.

I get custom sized polishing cloths from them.


I am bothered by an experienced and respected person apologizing for sharing a product he developed based on his experience and knowledge… that’s exactly one of the reasons why I value this forum. If a thread is not holding my interest… I delete it.
When someone new asked for a resource (and it always makes me smile when the collective seems to recommend the same people or companies because it shows that those people we are referring have spent the time/paid their dues to build their reputation), that’s fine.
The technical questions when someone has hit a roadblock or has had trouble with a certain aspect… love those questions and answers.
What I annoys me are emails from people who are passing themselves off as jewelers or custom designers but their questions clearly indicate that they have not taken classes; not sat at a bench or done anything to further their skill set. Or worse… the questions on how to copy someone else’s work.
I am not in any way saying the intent of this forum should change. I love this group. I just suspect most of us have spent time building our skillsets; gaining experience and are working on our own businesses.
I get that in this day and age, it feels as if perceptions matter more than experience or knowledge; fewer and fewer of the masses recognize quality but that doesn’t mean I agree; want to condone it or passively enable it. It is as if I were to call myself a plumber because I can turn a faucet.
So, before you ask us questions… please realize you are asking us to take time from our work… give of our finite life to help you… what have you done to help yourself?