Gem Dealers in Thailand

Hello Orchid land, A friend of mine is going to Thailand at the
beginning of next year. Does anyone know of reputable gem dealers in
Bankok area?

Thanks, Vince LaRochelle, Oakridge, OR.

Hi Vince

Its better to check when there is an jewelry and gem exhibition there
in Bangkok think it is in feb or march and I think it is better to go
in exhibition as all the dealers are there in that exhibition and
after that you can search in the market in mahesak or suriwong if I
am not wrong all the best to you and your friend

The US Embassy will, upon request, provide a list of suggested
jewelers, gem dealers, etc. Or at least they used to…

Wayne Emery
The Gemcutter

there are very many reputable gem dealers in bangkok, and
chantaburi…too many to list here a suggestion is to check with the
bureau of commerce in country and ask for a list of registered
dealers in the area(s) your friend is going to…buying gems requires
a certain amount of skill, and knowledge and certainly a loupe,
bartering skills and a knowledge of current market prices, and
gemstones that are native to the area…if you trust your friend to
buy for you then write me off orchid and i’ll give you a notated
list of twenty to start with…I’m not in the habit of giving my
contact’s names but i will happily share their locations and contact
phone numbers.

Alternatively ebay is flooded with gem dealers from thailand. check
out their feedback and use the ask a seller a question to make
preliminary contact prior to going there and they may have just what
parcels you are looking for available thus saving everyone
time.bringing a quantity of gemstones back to the us has legal
ramifications. you should check out the regulations and duty fees
and thai laws on trading gemstones and their origins and dates of the
dealers aquisition of x parcel, as those factors all effect what may
or may not be confiscated at the customs desks along the return
trip…after all the shopping, it would be a big drag to have to turn
them over to a customs agent before they make it to your studio…i
have mailed them to myself from foreign locations though…it works
very well and runs 8 bucks uninsured airmail from thailand, to about
15-20 insured, based on the value of the parcels and what you
declare via air post from bangkok and chantaburi areas.

If you need more info feel free to contact me via email.

I think this suggestion is really the best way to go because so many
of the dealers who particpate in the Bangkok shows have offices in

Gem buying in Bangkok can be a great thing, there is such a variety
of stuff out there…it appeals to both the collector and those who
use it for commercial purposes… As someone who came here to study
colored gemstones it is the perfect place to be. But there is always
a buyer beware tag attached.

There are two gem fairs every year in Bangkok. And if you’re friend
is a gemoholic, this show is always immediately followed by the Hong
Kong exhibition which gives you over a week to establish contacts and
shop for stones, rough, tired feet, etc. They are always in September
and Feb/March.

Here is the website for the BKK event.
I believe the next one is around the 28th of Feb.

There is also a gem traders association here, but sadly the beware
bulb still goes off. The website does have for buyers

Chok(e)dee (meaning good luck in Thai)