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Foreign Jewelry Equipment Suppliers?

I volunteered to teach at this school in Belize for 3 weeks in
January… They changed my world in ways I can’t describe. posting
this to see if I can help them out. You can email me directly if you
rather keep this off list.



Most of you know that I have been working on a craft training
project in the small poor Maya village of Indian Church in
Belize. We are on the verge of receiving a small grant to
purchase some tools and equipment for this project, however the
grant funds come from the Caribbean Development Bank and we
must purchase all supplies from a country that is a member of
this organization (not the USA). We have been requested to
list 3 possible companies to purchase from for each item on our
list (an overwhelming task for the residents of this village,
many of whom are illiterate–this is even challenging for me!).

Our purchase list includes supplies and equipment for jewelry
and metalwork, ceramics, needleworking (including fabric
painting, screenprinting, sewing and embroidery), woodcarving
and children’s craft projects.

If you can provide the names of any companies who might supply
any of the above items, including their contact
I’d sure appreciate it. Our deadline is next week! These are
the countries we can purchase from:

	United Kingdom
	(also 17 British Caribbean Islands)

Thank you! Karen Pierce

Karen, I just met Jose Garcia of Caracas, Venezuela at the New York
Orchid Dinner last week. He owns a jewelry supply company in Caracas,
Comercial Waymil, C.A. His email address is I’m
sure that he can supply you with most or all of the tools that you
need. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Hi Karen Pierce, I have taught a bit in Mexico, but I have no
experience in Belize… yet:)

Try “GO-RI” - Chorillo # 41- Tel. 7.622-1644 or “La Florida” Avenida
de los Plateros # 43 - Tel. 762-622-2598. Both of these are in
Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. Both have gone out of their way to get me
what I needed in the past. Family owned.

Or Miguel Bedean Esparza, Palma 27-1, Centro Historico, Deleg.
Cuauhtemoc. C.P. 06000, DF, Mexico Tel. 55-18-42-53

You must speak Spanish or get a translator. You must know the proper
names for the tools & supplies that you want.

I can give you some more in Guadalajara and Mexico City, but I am
not in the office where I have this …

Let me know if you need it. Also have suppliers in Spain, should you
need those.

Brian P. Marshall

Stockton Jewelry Arts School 2207 Lucile Ave. Stockton, CA 95209
209-477-0550 Workshop/Studio/Classrooms jewelryartschool@

Jeff, This is from the Distributors page at Each
of these companies should be able to supply exactly what you are
looking for. We have distributors in other countries, too, but not
in any of the other countries you listed.


Gesswein Canada
317 Attwell Drive
Toronto, Ontario M9W 5C1

Phone: 1-800-263-6106
Or: +1-416-675-9171
Fax: +1-416-675-0106


Habson Gordon Nowell Ltd.
76 West 6th Avenue
Suite 200
Vancouver, BC V5Y 1K1

Phone: 1-800-422-7661
Or: +1-604-708-9700
Fax: +1-604-708-9750


Lacy West Supplies Ltd.
102-480 Smithe Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 3C1

Phone: 1-800-667-4118
Or: +1-604-669-5229
Fax: +1-604-669-5242



Linkenheil GMBH
Schwarzaldstrasse 19
75173 Pforzheim

Phone: +49 7231-21734
Fax: +49 7231-27517



Tecnica Oro
Via L.L. Zamenhof 90
36100 Vicenza

Phone: +39 0444 914257
Fax: +39 0444 914258


Kind Regards,
Ben Adams
Western Wax

Try Karl Fischer GMBH in Germany They have
everything for metal work and making jewelry.


Jeff, I offer the following as possible sources for you to consider.
I recommend them all very highly:

Canada, jewellery making supplies:

Habson’s Jewellers Supply (
#200 - 76 West 6th Ave.,
Vancouver, British Columbia,
V5Y 1K1

Tel: (604) 708-9700
Fax: (604) 708-9750

Toll Free:

Canada, woodworking tools and supplies:

Lee Valley Tools (
900 Morrison Drive
Ottawa, Ontario

Letter mail:
Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
P.O. Box 6295, Station J
Ottawa, ON
K2A 1T4

Tel: (613) 596-9202
From USA: 1-800-513-7885
From Canada: 1-800-668-1807
From other countries: 1-613-596-6030

Administration / Mail Orders:
Tel: (613) 596-0350

Germany, jewellery making supplies:

Karl Fischer GmbH (
Berliner Str. 18 =B7 D-75172

Tel: 0049-(0)7231-31031
Fax: 0049-(0)7231-310300

eMail: I have additional listings for
Germany, Italy and the UK but the above are companies I’ve personally
dealt with for 2 or more years.

Trevor F.