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Foredom foot pedal repair

Dear All,

We recently fried one of our foot pedals for a foredom flexshaft. It
is model SCT-1 from Gesswein. The foot pedal no longer acts as a
variable speed control; it now acts as an on/off switch, where you
have nothing or the flexshaft running at full speed. When we opened
the foot pedal up, there is only one plastic encased part inside. I
think it is probably a variable resistor or something of the sort. It
is stamped “Lucerne USA speed control 125V AC 6Amp”. We have searched
extensively on the internet and cannot find this company. Does
anyone know where we might buy this sort of thing? We will not have
problems wiring it in if we could just find the part.

We know we can replace the foot pedal, but we’d like to restore this
one if possible and economical.

david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa

"Lucerne USA speed control 125V AC 6Amp". We have searched
extensively on the internet and cannot find this company. Does
anyone know where we might buy this sort of thing? We will not
have problems wiring it in if we could just find the part. 

So, ummm… Did you try calling Gesswein, from whom the pedal was
purchased? It would not surprise me if they have spare parts
available. If not, chances are this is a standard pedal available
from other suppliers as well, right? If so, try them too. Otto Frei,
or Progress tool, both seem to carry lots of spare parts for the
things they carry, even if those spares are not promenantly featured
on web sites or in catalogs…

If you really must find the original manufacturer (who may likely be
a true wholesaler of just the speed control part, and might not be
willing to sell just one), then I’d suggest looking in the Thomas
Register. You can find almost any industrial level company or
supplier in there, especially all those companies who sell only to
other companies, and who therefor have little reason to set up a
public web site.


Brenda: By the time you find the part, take the time to fix the foot
control, or have someone do it, you will have spent more time and
energy than the cost of a new control.

Some times a penny saved is not a penny saved after all. Buy a new
control they are under $100.00 and that’s probably including the

Mike & Dale
Lone Star Technical Service
Your ultrasonic repair guys.

Foredom sells this through their distributors and it is a
replacement item.

Call Gesswien first.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply

Hi Brenda,

I’m sorry to hear that your SCT-1 speed control is not working
properly. The part you need is the Trigger Switch # CP10857 and costs
$10.00. You can order it from your favorite dealer or from Foredom
directly by calling 800-441-0625. It is easy to replace and comes
with installation instructions.

Mike Zagielski,
Foredom Sales Manager

I have had several tools & pieces of equipment repaired/refurbished
over MANY (25+/-)years - all sent to Otto Frei. Oakland, CA. They
have a repair person/dept.

Rates are fair and actually reasonable. Price quotes are prompt and
honored. Turn around time is included in the estimate and it has
always been done as quoted. And sometimes there is even a projection
of how many hours/years of use you could expect from the refurbished
tool. So far nothing has “died” or needed further repair.

Just one Example : a 20 + year old rolling mill rolling mill that
has been used by 150 - 175 students/yr - been 10 years since last
restoration and just had a pin sheared off the gears.

I have confidence in their expertise - and if it is not worth
repairing, they will let you know -

Try a motor repair or small electrical repairs shop. The variable
speed “triggers” for drills and such are being used in these foot
peddles. Might try Graingers or Mac Master Carr both are on the net.
Possibly a large well stocked hardware store might have them or a
"consumer small electric appliance repair center" would be a
place/thing to look for.

If no luck, write me and I will do a bit of looking for you.

John Dach

PS I bought these triggers from an electric motor repair shop a
number of times for broken variable speed drills, saws, etc.

Contact CR Hill Company in Michigan. A couple years ago our basement
flooded, and my foot pedal got soaked, causing it to behave just like
yours–full speed or nothing. CR Hill had the proper part, and it only
cost $12. It was a plastic encase part like you described. My husband
installed it in a matter of minutes, and the foot pedal worked
correctly again. CR Hill’s number is 248-543-1555 They may have a toll
free number, but I’m local to them so I’ve never needed it and don’t
know what it might be.

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Jewelry

Dear All,

Thanks for all the help with the foot pedal advice. Mike at Foredom
was so very kind to give us the part number, and Gesswein had the
part in stock. We needed to place an order with them anyways, to it
worked out great. And the part is only $12.00! What a deal. Thanks
also to Kathy who e-mailed direct that the part was available from a
place in Michigan. You all saved me a lot of time and effort. Thanks
for sharing your experiences.

We should also note that the foot pedal trigger switch didn’t give
out of its own accord- we tried an experiment with another motor and
fried it- totally our fault.

Take care.
david lee jeweler
Mason City, Iowa 50401


Does anyone know whether a Foredom foot pedal connected to my flex
shaft, can be repaired?

I was sanding away happily yesterday when my foot pedal made a funny
noise and then “pop” it blew! This resulted in a horrible “hot
electric” smell under my bench and no more sanding :((

I sincerely hope it’s just the pedal and not the whole flex shaft.
Although the flex shaft motor smells fine and just the pedal smells

I have ordered a new pedal because I need my flex shaft! But I am
wondering whether the broken pedal could be repaired or whether it
should make its way to the dump.


Send to landfill, or recycle center.


Emma, Is the unit the fried is a Foredomfoot controller, they
may/mostlikely can repair it. If is is ot one of their units but
another mfgrs., contact them. One or the other should be able to get
it fixed. Good luck. John

Hi Emma,

What model foot pedal do you have?

Mike from Foredom

There may be a fuse in there. Unplug it and take it apart. The
problem may just show itself.


Foredom offers speed control spare parts online - if you, or
somebody local, can decide what part(s) you need.

If you need to send the control back, this page gives the info and

Mark Bingham
Relativity PL
Fourth Axis

You can always send the unit to Foredom they have a great service

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Stuller Inc.

Hello Emma,

My experience with a foot pedal’s failure is limited (thank
goodness) to that which operates my ancient sewing machine. The
pedal had been making a crackling noise and would get hot, but had
not completely failed to work. Inthat case, AFTER UNPLUGGING from
power, I opened up the pedal. I found an obvious electrical short
caused by worn insulation on the power cord where itentered the
pedal. (BTW I’ll mention that while not an electrician, I havedone
such simple things as replacing switches, light fixtures, and
installing electrical outlets.)

Solution was simple - remove the faulty bits by unscrewing the
contact points and cutting off about an inch of the cord. Then I
stripped a little insulation off the cut end to make good contact
around the contact screws, wrapped the bare metal around the screws
and secured in place. No more short and the pedal functioned

In your case of complete failure, there may well be more extensive
damage. You won’t know unless you look inside. Of course, should
something have fused or you find other shorts, toss the pedal and
buy a new one. They are not that expensive.

Judy in Kansas, where it is time to irrigate. Things are soooo dry,
and thewinds suck moisture to make it worse.


Sounds like it could be a loose wire that arc. That is wishful
thinking butyou won’t know until you take it apart.

Ken Babayan
David H. Fell & Company, Inc.

To Emma Tallack and to all Orchid Members, too bad Emma didn’t see
the LUCAS #9 Lowboy Rheostat foot speed control in the Featured
Section of this site, its available directly from LUCAS @ $49.00
each and will operate the Foredom motor. Many Orchid Members have
purchased the LUCAS #9 Lowboy Rheostat. All LUCAS products are
available and can also be seen on there WebSite

Thank you for your time, Sincerely, Richard Lucas

I’ve burned up a couple of foredom pedals. There are only a couple
of parts inside them and the two that will generally burn out are
both available online. I got my parts from DigiKey, but I think
Foredom sells them as well.