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Foredom foot pedal repair

To Jason Malarkey and to all Orchid Members, I would think that the
best way to find a replacement trigger switch for the Foredom foot
pedal would be to contact Foredom directly, it is there item
#CP-10857 Replacement Trigger Switch and they would have exactly
what you would be looking for or you could find that same item at
OTTO FREI, which is there item #134.325 at $11.00 each Sincerely,
Richard Lucas LUCAS DENTAL CO.

I have no affiliation with Lucas Co. (Although I did speak with him
when researching the availability of foot controls for a series of
articles, classes and a video on the flex shaft.)

With that disclaimer, let me say that I’ve owned a Lucas pedal since
1994. It is the most sensitive and responsive pedal that I have
used. Foredom makes great machines and their quality is hard to
beat. But I use the Low Boy control with my Foredoms and they make a
great team. The cost is good. Rather than try and fix your foot
control, why not try something new?


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Or you could replace the foot pedal/rheostat with a Lucas. Best one
I’ve ever found. They give great control and are very durable.

I agree with Andy! I actually took his flex shaft class years ago and
got a Lucas Co. foot pedal per his recommendations. I find it a joy
to use and have never looked back. It is one of my favorite tools!


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I would also suggest Lucas if you decide not to repair. (or obtain a
lucas pedal and repair the foredom as a spare) ive used a Lucas
while serving as an apprentice. nothing but good things to say about


To all who are recommending the Lucas rheostat, pedal, I had looked
for it ashort while and told the company either stopped making them
or went under. If this is not so would anyone of you recomend a
supplier’ thank you Hratch

Hello to Hratch and to all Orchid members, I have no idea why people
think we are not in business or have stopped manufacturing our LUCAS
#9 LOWBOY RHEOSTAT or for that matter, any one of our Centrifugal
Casting Machines. Does anybody ever look at the FEATURED PRODUCTS
Section of this Orchid/Ganoksin Site, we are listed there with (3)
products that we manufacture, and the LUCAS #9 LOWBOYis right there.
All of our Contact is printed right there with our Email
Address and our phone number and our Website andyou can reach us
Monday - Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm eastern time. As you can see, we
sell the LUCAS #9 direct at $49.00 each plus shipping. PS: the LUCAS
#9 is Not a dealer item, we sell Direct Only. All we require is
your name and shipping address to get started. Thank you very much
for your time, Sincerely, Richard Lucas, owner.

Looks as though they are a direct to Ebay seller.
ebay id: lucadent-18

thanks for your reply Richard Lucas,

I think the info that I had was from Vendors that used to carry your
material but no longer do, like Rio and or Frei/ Borel, Gesswein
etc. I am sorry to say i do not ck the Orchid archives for tools or
productson Orchid, I usually look for educational or technique info
on Orchid. I also did not realize you can order direct from your
company which is great news, will be hearing from soon. thanks for
your quick response regards, Hratch

When you google Lucas Dental it says “Lucas Dental
Equipment–permanently closed.” And the Lucas website doesn’t come
up. That’s probably why people think the company is out of business.

Hello to all Orchid members, and thank you for checking out who we
are and where we are located. It seems that many of these Google
Internet Sites that may have a Company’s Business listed with there
address, never changes when a Business moves to a new location. We
were for many (60+) years located in Brooklyn, NY, but in April of
2014 we moved to our New and current location in Bohemia, Long
Island, NY. I have tried many times to have these listings corrected
and changed, but I soon realized that I probably have a better
chance of meeting God, getting struck by Lightning and hitting the
local Lottery, at the same time. before that happens. I am pleased
now that maybe more of the many Orchid Members who may have been
searching forLUCAS Dental products and the famous LUCAS #9 LOWBOY
Foot Rheostat, will now know how to find and contact with us. We are
now currently working on a nationwide mailing campaign which will
mail out in short time to over 10,000 current names in the Jewelry
Industry. We are also planning on working with MJSA Manufacturing
Jewelers & Silversmiths of America and plan on advertising in there
monthly publications. Butthe bottom line is, we can always be found
in the Featured Products Section of this Orchid/GanoksinSite and can
be contacted by more than one way, either by Telephone and or Email.
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for keeping
the LUCAS Dental productsname in demand for so many years. Thank you
for your time, Sincerely, Richard Lucas. Owner PS: we are a USA
Company and have been since 1930 and all of our products are still
made in the USA by us.

For YEARS I’ve thought I was using my flex shaft to its full potential. Out of wild curiosity I bought your DVD. This dog has learned loads of tricks so I thank you AC. Btw I’m having so much more fun I’ve blown my foot pedal into thinking it’s only on or off. Then I found this post. I’m gonna try a Lucas!

Is this the same Lucas, known the world over in the motorcycle and auto world as The Lord of Darkness?
The stories I could tell of trying to work around Lucas… :frowning:

Nyuck, nyuck

That’s English automotive electrical. I used to own an Austin Healy mark I sprite I restored. Great dark humor.


I can’t believe all this talk about a Foredom foot pedal repair, just contact Foredom and tell them what you have and they will direct you in the right direction. Or buy a LUCAS #9 Lowboy Rheostat directly from LUCAS for $49.00. or email them direct at Regards, Richard Lucas

Thanks for the kind words Rachel. Much appreciated! You can’t go wrong with a Lucas. Price, quality and functionality. Best of luck!

Absolutely LOVE my Lucas Lowboy its a game changer!