Flush cutters suggestions

Could someone suggest a really good pair of flush cutters.

Thanks, Gary

Try Lindstrom cutters, I believe the # is 8140. Very well worth the

I’ve got a pair of cutters from Tronex, the razor-flush cutters,
#7223. Whenever my students see them in operation, they want to know
what they are and where they can get them. No flush cutters are
perfect, but these are better than any other cutters I’ve seen.


I agree, Loren, I have those Tronex, and they rock! Loooove them.

I accidentally nicked them awhile back, and was very sad until my
new ones arrived. The flush edge they leave is amazing.

Tronex customer service is awesome! They will try to re-hone the
edge if at all possible… Mine were beyond repair, I tried to cut
through some steel that I thought was a sterling plated jumpring. It
was chrome-plated, or something… I thought is was just some plated
nickel… ooops!


More important than a totally flush cut is a complete cut at the
very tip especially for prong work.

My Lindstrom is just now giving me a fuzzy cut at the tip. I think
the pliers are about 8-10 years old.

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I have never found a better pair than Lindstrom’s. Just be careful
what gauge material you are cutting and what type of material as
well. Treat them well and they will take care of you for a long time.

The Jewelry CAD Institute

I have never found a better pair than Lindstrom's 

I agree I have a pair of sidecutters, a pair of end cutters and two
pairs of snipe nose pliers all from Lindstrom. They are used every
day and I have had them now for 47 years. I was taught to check,
clean, oil the joints and wipe with an oily cloth every Friday
afternoon by a very wise man and I still do. Each one cost half a
weeks wage at that time.

He made me buy the best and taught me to respect and look after my
tools and they would be good to me - he was so right.

Robin Key
Clavis Jewellery
Aberdeen, Scotland

We are now carrying a new style of cutter call Ideal-tek from
Switzerland… excellent flush cutter… come is small and micro…
check them out…

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold