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Fixing the shaft on a Foredom Motor

Does anyone have any tips on fixing the shaft of a Foredom. I noticed
last week that my quickchange handpiece was spinning uneven and
didn’t seem to sit right on the connector. I figured it was my
quickchange handpiece, but then noticed it was also happening when I
put my #30 on. As I use my Foredom daily, I really can’t afford to
have this out of service. I purchased a replacement shaft and I’m
hoping there is someone that can tell replacing this will be an easy
job. :slight_smile:

Depending on exactly which flex shaft you’ve got, it’s dirt simple,
if greasy.

Step 0: order flex shaft cable grease. (In a pinch, white lithium
grease will work.)

Step 0.5: unplug flex shaft.

Step 1: remove your handpiece.

Step 2: remove the sheathe. (The heavy black thing that covers the
flex cable.)

Depending on which machine you’ve got, they either screw off (look
for a knurled or lined 'cup" looking thing on the motor end of the
sheathe) or some of them go into a socket that also screws off the
motor. Either way, you eventually end up unscrewing the sheathe.

Step 3: once the sheathe’s unscrewed, it’s completely loose. Gather
paper towels, and slide it off the inner cable by pulling away from
the motor. The inner cable is covered in grease. Since you’re
asking this question, I’m guessing you’ve never lubed the shaft.
Which means the grease will be black and nasty. Do this somewhere
you can clean easily, and have plenty of paper towels. Be aware that
the inner cable is very flexible. (surprisingly…) Being flexible
and covered with grease, it becomes most ingenious at finding things
to drape itself across. It’ll want to go exploring as you get the
sheathe off. I suggest dropping the sheathe straight down while
holding the motor. That way you’ll have 30 inches of greasy snake,
but mostly wanting to hang straight down. Don’t wear good clothes.
They beckon it.

Step 4: Once the sheathe’s off, it’s really simple: there’s a bronze
socket at the motor end of the cable. It’ll have either one or two
set-screws on it. Loosen them, and remove the cable.

Step 5: put the new cable on, and tighten the setscrews, making sure
they bear against the flat side of the motor shaft. (If it has one.
Not all do.) If it has no flat-side, make really sure the screws
are locked down tight.

Step 6: run a piece of cotton rope or something down the sheathe to
clean the crud out of it. Throw the rope out.

Step 7: slather the new cable in grease, and slide the sheathe back

Reverse whatever you had to do to get the sheathe off, re-attach
your handpiece, and you should be good to go.

This should only take about 15 minutes or so. It’s not a big deal,
just messy.

Brian Meek.

the hardest part is getting the grease off your hands afterward-
there shoulbe a set screw at the base of the motor could be a slot or
a hex just undo it and go from there make sure you grease up the new
one really well call me if you get stuck 614-268-0012 - goo

Hi All,

With regard to cleaning and lubricating my research has this to
offer. The best is to soak the cable in acetone to completely
degrease it thoroughly. Take a toothbrush and some eye protection and
slowly clean dirt and grime from the coil.

I’m concerned that loose cotton could get into the coil and combine
with dirt to grind away at the flex shaft.

To lubricate, grease the shaft and replace the sheath. Put a bucket
under your flexshaft. Place a book or heave object on the foot
pedal and run the motor for about half an hour. You don’t need to
depress it completely, about half way will do it. This will allow the
grease to warm up and travel down the sheath. The excess will drip


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Replacing the shaft on a Foredom flex shaft is easy. The important
thing to remember is that you don’t over grease your shaft. This will
lead to problems with your handpiece over heating and premature
handpiece bearing wear. First remove your handpiece and unplug your
motor. Next taking a large 1" crescent wrench and unscrew the motor
connector located between the motor and the shaft and sheath. This is
a left-handed thread so it unscrews turning from left to right when
the shaft is hanging downward. Slide the motor connector and outer
sheath assembly off the inner shaft. Now you will see the exposed
flexible shaft motor coupling on the motor shaft. Unscrew the set
screw and discard the old shaft. Slide the new shaft motor coupling
as far as it can go up onto the motor shaft and tighten the set screw
firmly on to the flat of the motor shaft. Apply a thin coating of
grease on the new shaft from the coupling to about 2 inches from the
bottom. Slide the motor connector and sheath up and tighten into
place. Next hang your flexible shaft machine without a handpiece
attached over a pile of newspapers or in a waste basket and run it at
moderate to high speed for 10 minutes. You can put a heavy book or
brick on the foot pedal. This will redistribute the grease and heat
it up. Any excess will liquefy and run out of the sheath. You can go
to Foredoms website and download any of the
machine manuals to get instructions and photos of this procedure
and more.