Finishing a large stake

I have a very large stake that was cast but never finished. It would
work as an anvil. I would love more on how to finish the
stake to make it usable as I love to forge. What can I mount it in? A

Wyckoff Smith Jewellery

to finish a stake file, grind, and/or sand it to the shape and
polish that you need.

The mounting choices for stake use is endless. Some stakes were made
to beheld in an anvil, you set them in the hardy hole, if the hole
is the wrong size you need a stake plate, which is mounted (bolted
or nailed) on a stump. I have also seen mounting holes in swedge
blocks. Swedge blocks are traditionally placed in a sand box.
(swedge blocks can weigh 10-400lbs) They also make mounting brackets
that can be clamped or bolted to your bench.

To make a stake plate, Take a piece of heavy steel half inch thick
or better, drill a round hole just smaller than the tip of your
stake’s tapered end. heat the plate to about 1900 Far. (bright
cherry in broad daylight) have your helper hold the plate steady
while you drive the stem of your stake through the plate about half
way. tap your stake free and let the iron plate cool. (your stake
will probably be a little hot also) drill some bolt holes in it and
you are done.

hi michele,

securly bolt 4 - 4x4’s together. make a 15" square plywood base.
secure properly. mount a really big vice on top. wrap your knees
around it while sitting on a chair. or put your feet on the plywood
base to keep it from tipping.

you can do all kind of setting and other things with this.

or buy a very big anvil. there may be a square hole opposite the
horn. thatis where you put the stake. if you want a picture send me
your phone number and i will send pic. i put an old sheet around
this baby to catch all the stuff that falls toward the floor.

good luck. bruce