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Fancy twisted wire

Lots of folks use twisted wire in their work, I’ve noticed, not just
"wire-wrappers". Generally they just double a length of wire and
twist until it looks right, but I don’t feel that the results of
that process are very good. I’ve embedded a video on my website to
show how I make what I regard as a much better alternative.

The process is quite simple, and I’ve used “found materials” to do
it for a long time, but the better the tools, the better the results.

I once made nearly twenty feet of twisted wire – had to hang the
rig from the satellite dish, outside, and work on an extension
ladder. Fun… :slight_smile:


Loren the weavings are wonderful. Thanks

Rose Marie Christison

Makes me want to do more wire construction!!!

My birthday is in a month 3/31 ::smiles:: I’m sure someone in my
family loves me enough. If anything it will add to my “collection of
odd tools”

Such great pression work with that die.

Blessed Be

Hello Loren,

Good to see your post - I hope it means you are feeling better. What
an interesting way to twist wire. Even better that you use found

Judy in Kansas, where the sunrise has such lovely colors. May your day
match it in beauty.

how clever! you have put some work and thought into the process.
and we all benefit from your initiative!

jean adkins